Garena hands down 10-year ban on NRX member Woopiiee for attempt to sell account

Published January 13, 2021, 7:44 PM

by Jeremiah Sevilla

Photo from Garena Call of Duty Mobile Facebook page 

Game developer and esports events organizer Garena recently slapped NRX Jeremiah 29:11 sniper Jerrold “Woopiiee” Regay with a 10-year ban on his main Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) account for trying to sell it online. 

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Woopiiee, regarded as the best sniper not just in the Philippines but also in Southeast Asia, initially wanted to sell his account for P60,000 with the reason of having a new one to play and grind with. 

However, selling of accounts is against the strict policies of Garena and automatically merits a ban. 

The esports and gaming company was quick to notice Woopiiee’s post and even commented on it.  

“In accordance to CODM’s terms of services, selling of accounts is strictly forbidden and is an offense that warrants the ban of the offender’s account in question,” it said through its official Facebook page Garena Call of Duty Mobile.  

“The post above has been brought to our attention and we will have to take action immediately. We cannot control the actions of our players but we can only warn that if you do proceed to purchase this account, it will not be usable.” 

Garena added that it is aiming “to create a healthy environment for all our players and selling of accounts is one that we frown upon.” 
In his livestream on Monday evening, Woopiiee got disconnected in a multiplayer game before the ban notice appeared on the screen. 

Photo from Woopiiee’s Facebook livestream 

A few hours before Woopiiee got banned, Garena posted on Facebook the primary reasons for a player to get banned. 

With the 10-year ban on Woopiiee, Garena sent a stern warning to the CODM players who are trying to sell their account or doing other prohibited activities. 

Woopiiee, who was using a new account in his latest stream, said that he didn’t continue with selling his main account. 

“Hindi ko po tinuloy because nag-warning po sila through a comment sa post ko na prohibited po iyon and maba-ban ‘yung account once na malaman na mag-change ng IGN (in-game name),” Woopiiee told Manila Bulletin in a Facebook message. 

“I wasn’t aware po na bawal ‘yun since maraming group po ng CODM na for selling accounts,” he added. 

Woopiiee was instrumental in NRX’s victory in the Garena qualifier for the CODM World Championship. Unfortunately, the mobile FPS’ first-ever Worlds in Los Angeles, USA was cancelled by Activision due to the threats of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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