When Jose Manalo admits his feelings for Eugene Domingo

Published January 12, 2021, 1:12 PM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

Jose Manalo and Eugene Domingo

In a throwback episode of “Celebrity Bluff” hosts Jose Manalo and Eugene Domingo are playing the “lovers” game within the game show last Saturday, Jan. 9.

It all started when Eugene addressed her plans to be more open when it comes to her lovelife and as a start, she revealed the bracelet that her co-host and “Gangnammm” Jose.

The special bracelet has both of their initials on it: JoGe.

Eugene proceeded to approach Jose to kiss him when the comedian opposed the gesture saying: “Hindi naman ako nagbigay ng isang bagay para mahalikan lang ako. Nagbibigay ako dahil gusto ko.” he said.

“Halikan mo ako, ‘wag, basta masaya ka. Doon lang ako.” he ended.

After some rounds of question and answer portions with the celebrity players, the “Kimmy Dora” star segued to ask Jose the question: “Pwede magtanong Jose? Kailangan maging open na tayo, ‘no. Bakit type mo ako?”

Jose replied: “Hindi, hindi ako nagbabago. Kaya lang siyempre ang lalaki, minsan nahihiya rin. Ipinakita ko na nga. Hindi, aminado, may gusto ako sa’yo.”

Funny, supportive and wholesome are the two comedians on-screen but alas, “JoGe” loveteam could be a mere sideshow.

Manalo, 54 was recently linked with former EB Babe Mergene Maranan.

On the other hand, Eugene Domingo is currently in a long-distance relationship with her Italian boyfriend Danilo Bottoni.

Perhaps in a movie, they could actually work things out.