GOSSIP GIRL: How Father Suarez healed me through his movie ‘Suarez: The Healing Priest’

Published January 12, 2021, 7:15 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

John Arcilla (left) and Father Fernando Suarez

It’s so sad that www.gmovies.ph is only extending four films from the Metro Manila Film Festival: “Fan Girl,” “The Missing,” “Coming Home,” and “Tagpuan.” I was able to make it to the last day of the film festival, Jan 7, and I chose to watch “Suarez: The Healing Priest,” primarily because of my relationship with Fr. Fernando Suarez when he was still alive. I was first introduced to Fr. Suarez in Rome after Piolo Pascual and I had a concert for the Filipino community in Rome through TFC. One of his followers said that Fr. Suarez wanted to meet me and I was hesitant because I had a whole day of shopping and tourist itinerary. That time Fr. Suarez was not popular yet in the Philippines and I wasn’t sick or did I need any kind of healing, although my lower back was killing me for all the travel.  I figured, what’s more important than shopping ladies? But his follower was so persistent and something was prodding in the back of my mind, “You have to meet this priest, you have to…” . 

And so I did. 

Upon arriving in his place in Rome, there was a line of Italians and other races and he would gently touch their forehead and they would collapse one by one. When he saw me, he told the rest of the people in line in Italian that healing will resume tomorrow and that he had to rest. He went straight to his office. When I entered his office, my back pain suddenly disappeared then he said, “See you are healed already!” Goosebumps crawled all over my body, but wait there’s more! Fr. Suarez  said, “Giselle, I honestly don’t know you and I know you don’t know me but God has a message to us and his message is that we are going to do great things in Manila. Here is my schedule, I will be flying to Manila next month.” 

Fast forward several months after, everybody was celebrating the power of Fr Suarez, his healing masses were packed but I never got a call. I tried to go to his healing masses and kept on saying hello, but he would just acknowledge and say hello back and I had a feeling that he did not remember me. So I just let go and went on with my life. Until one day a Catholic speaker Rommel  Reyes called me and he said that Fr. Suarez wanted me to do the praise and worship at the Folk Arts Theater before he proceeded with his healing. That day in Folk Arts Theater,  I saw before my own eyes, people in wheelchairs walking again, the blind see, the mute talk, the deaf hear and thousand being slain by the Holy Spirit while the healing priest was praying for them. After the event, Fr. Suarez and I went on several healing concerts together, two or three of them for my Catholic Community Oasis of Love. 

The death of Father Suarez devastated me. But when I visited his wake,  I felt his presence and I knew that he can heal more people because anyone who will pray and ask his intercession to Jesus Christ will be healed so I placed his picture in my altar beside the Crucifix and Mother Mary. 

When I hosted the Metro Manila Film Festival virtual parade of the floats, I was able to interview award-winning actor John Arcilla who portrayed Fr. Suarez in the movie “Suarez: The Healing Priest” and I asked him if he or any of the cast members felt any healing miracles while doing the film, “I have good news for you Giselle, in the end of the film, Father Suarez will come out and will bless and heal those who believe and have faith. Some of our editors claim to have been healed just from watching him on film.” 

While my husband and I were nearing the end of the film when Fr. Suarez was about to come out, take note Fr. Suarez has not yet come out of the film yet, tears started to fall from my eyes and I told my husband, “Look, Fr. Suarez has not yet come out yet I am already crying….”  That night, my night sweats stopped. I have had night sweats sleeping in a 19 degree cold room every single night for three years. And it stopped. I kinda heard Fr. Suarez talking in my mind saying, “I know you doubted me with these two boys, but I assure you what you have watched is the truth and I will leave you a gift, I will heal you.” 

I just wish Saranggola Films headed Miss Editha Fider can make the film available to the public for free so they do not have to pirate it. Fr. Suarez never charged a cent for his healing. If Saranggola films gives free streaming for everyone to watch “Suarez: The Healing priest,” this will give a chance for the sick to access Fr. Suarez’ healing power. And if this film is not yet accessible for the moment, can I make a suggestion? Just like you pray to a saint like Padre Pio, just like you pray to Mother Mary to intercede your healing intentions, pray to Fr. Suarez. You will be surprised that a miracle is on your way.