GOT7 members declare #GOT7FOREVER as they attend last official event together


GOT7 uploaded their group photo on Instagram (left) and showed solidarity at the 35th Golden Disc Awards on Jan. 10 (Instagram, screenshot from GDA video on YouTube) 

Members of K-pop boy band GOT7 declared “#GOT7FOREVER” following a news report stating they have decided to leave their agency and go separate ways. 

On their respective Instagram accounts on Jan. 10, JB, Jackson, Mark, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Youngjae and BamBam posted their group photo with the caption hashtag #GOT7FOREVER.

Before this, Korean media outlet Dispatch published an exclusive report on the same day that the seven K-pop idols have decided to leave JYP Entertainment, their agency since debuting in GOT7 in January 2014. 

The singers’ seven-year exclusive contracts are set to expire this month and they have made their decision not to renew it with the agency. The report added that the seven decided to split. 

GOT7 attended the 35th Golden Disc Awards on Jan. 10, their last official group activity, according to Dispatch.

They won a “bonsang” (main prize) or Best Album for “Dye” and when they appeared on stage to accept the award, the seven members showed solidarity by stomping happily with their arms linked.

“We wanna thank our Ahgases everywhere for making ‘Dye’ one of the best albums of the year and we want to thank you guys so much for always being there and supporting us. We want to tell you guys 2020 was a tough year but 2021 is a new year and it's gonna be a new start,” said Mark. 

After the news came out, Mark posted on Twitter to assure worried fans that they will still be together. 

“The past 7 years have been the best years of my life. Nothing is coming to an end, just the beginning. The seven of us are going to continue to bring you guys the best version of us till the end. #GOT7FOREVER,” he wrote. 

Dispatch reported that Jinyoung will be joining BH Entertainment to pursue acting; Yugyeom will be signing up with AOMG label founded by former 2PM leader Jay Park; Youngjae is in talks with Sublime Artist Agency; BamBam with MAKEUS Entertainment; and Jackson has Team Wang. There was no mention of JB’s prospective agency. 

Mark is flying back to the US to be with his family in Los Angeles and he is planning to open a personal YouTube channel. 

Raymond Tuan, Mark’s dad, wrote on Twitter, “I will be wearing this green dress at the airport to greet him the day he (comes) back home” along with a photo of a green t-shirt with the words “GOT7 fighting.” 

Mark’s brother Joey also posted on Twitter to say, “Thankful for these last 7 years and more... while my brother has been in Korea, our relationship has only gotten stronger and it’s because of the person you all have made him to be. #GOT7FOREVER.”