Jay Sonza berates Tito Sotto with 'Pepsi' post

Jay Sonza is courting controversy once again, this time chiding Senate President Tito Sotto over his recent public declaration to revive talks relating to ABS-CBN's franchise.

Sonza doesn't seem to think it's a good idea, going on to share on social media a picture of a bottle of Pepsi Cola.

His caption read: “Tito Sotto and a dozen one-ball solons are filing a bill to resurrect ABS-CBN from the grave. Tagay mga dabarkads!”

Of course, those in the know will quickly realize why Sonza used the bottle of Pepsi to attack Sotto.

The actor-turned-lawmaker was among those embroiled in the controversial Pepsi Paloma rape case several aeons ago.

According to lore, it was Sotto who threatened Paloma, urging her to desist in filing a rape case against his brother Vic Sotto as with Joey de Leon.

Sotto has denied the tale.

Paloma died in 1985.