Bea Alonzo looking forward to a more 'spiritual' year

Bea Alonzo has found renewed sense of faith.

She made this known via her most recent Instagram post.

Bea related how "last year brought so many changes" in her life and how she has since eventually decided to "embrace all the transitions" for her own growth. 

"I am letting the waves take away all my worries, self-doubt, and fears. I am releasing myself. 

"And though we live in a world where changes are meant to happen, may it be the weather, trends, prices, or even people; I am sure that I have a God whose love for me will never change. 

"So, I am claiming that this year will be a more spiritual year for me. I am taking a step towards knowing HIM and letting HIM take control of my destiny."

Alonzo, at 33, had her share of challenges and heartbreaks in the last two years, which includes her dramatic if also controversial breakup with actor Gerald Anderson.