Encourage People to Share their Culture, Passion, and Positivity Through Every Parcel

A new year, a new start. Following the challenges of 2020, J&T Express Philippines wants to kick off 2021 on a high note with its much-anticipated Unli-Saya Promo that will run from January 1 to 31 nationwide. 

Seeing the increased role of logistics in the Filipino economy and society, J&T’s Unli-Saya Promo will let both VIP customers and walk-ins avail of unlimited weight pouches with a starting base rate of just 60php. 

The weight limit on each pouch will no longer be restricted during this promotion period following certain company guidelines: The parcel, upon closing, is undamaged, can be properly sealed, and abides by the rules on what can and cannot be shipped as indicated in-store and online on all J&T platforms and locations.

“Last year showed us that as a logistics company we don’t just ship packages,” said Zoe Chi, Vice-President of J&T Express Philippines. “By having the farthest reach and the widest network, we are also bridging distances and supporting industries who have had to adjust to the New Normal.”

In celebration of this New Normal, which is expected to include an economic turnaround for the country, J&T’s Unli-Saya Promo hopes to encourage more people to share their culture, passion, and positivity through every parcel. As shown by the company’s Certified Lokalista campaign which launched in 2020 and will continue in 2021, logistics can showcase the best produce, products, and goods in regions and towns to neighboring provinces and other locations. 

“This promo is not just to inspire more people to be active in the economy,” added Chi. “This is also our way of encouraging everyone to be both more entrepreneurial and supportive of what their locales can offer. Through our Unli-Saya promo, buyers and customers from all over the Philippines would have more opportunities to try out the treats that localities and municipalities outside theirs can offer. Supporting homegrown businesses and giving them a boost as the economy reopens is one way to start the New Year.”