Published January 2, 2021, 7:46 AM

by Mike Lim

The assignment of Versatile Celebrity (VC) was just for a limited engagement. VC was grateful as blessings are landing on her feet while other colleagues cannot even book slots in shows. The production had no problems with VC and the show was moving well.

According to the grapevine, VC had her agenda for agreeing to join the production. Unfortunately, this agenda could have motivated VC to block the entry of Another Talent (AT). Allegedly, VC told the production that AT was not ready for the show. AT was waiting for a call that never came and thus, AT called the Show Head (SH) to follow up her appearance. SH relayed what VC said and AT was shocked. AT never spoke with VC. AT then told SH not to tell others what had transpired.

Later, AT asked VC about the gig. VC immediately apologized and told AT that she needed the show as she had obligations. VC needed the talent fee for a car. Over the past years, VC has been chided by her society friends that her vehicle was outdated and she needed one that suited her personality. Although the friends were kidding, VC took it to heart. Hence, she bought a high-end car, which impressed them.

AT understood the predicament of VC and let the incident slide. In addition, AT told VC not to say anything more and she’ll be fine.  

‘Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are.’ ― Roy T. Bennett

No Means No

The movement of talents creates new strategies and plans to ensure careers. Lucky are the ones who are given projects immediately, but woe to those who linger in uncertainty and wait for the time a project is presented to them. However, not all who wait remain still, they make things happen.  

When Talented Celebrity (TC) was informed of a coming project, she was surprised at the plan. The producers wanted impact and asked TC if she could pair up with Handsome Actor (HA). TC was all for the idea and contacted HA. She did not expect the response.

HA declined the request and said he’s working on his own assignments. TC then approached someone to request if HA can accommodate her request. That person was unable to decide, as HA’s commitments were decided by higher ups. Meanwhile, TC’s plea reached Influential Insider (II), who said they were willing to lend out HA but with certain conditions.

II asked HA if he’ll be okay to work with TC. HA stressed that he was tired of gimmicks that make fans hopeful that he and TC will have a forever. He asked II to say that he was busy. With finality, the request of TC was thumbed down.

‘And better to feel bad for a moment saying no – and stop it – than to get harmed.’ ― Aspen Matis

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