Boracay lover gets the Star of Italy

Published January 2, 2021, 1:00 PM

by Manila Bulletin

Property veteran Marco Biggiogero receives knighthood for promoting Italian business culture in the Philippines

TWO ITALIAN GENTLEMEN Italian Knighthood of Mario Biggiogero with Italian Ambassador to the Philippines, Giorgio Guglielmino

Marco Biggiogero recently received the Cavaliere dell’ordine della stella d’Italia, which is awarded to any person who has taken every effort and opportunity to preserve and promote Italy abroad through whatever field they are currently working in. The award seeks to acknowledge those who have fostered stronger ties between Italy and other countries.

Biggiogero is the first Italian in the Philippines to receive the award from the present ambassador. He was knighted in a small but lavish ceremony in Boracay. Italian ambassador to the Philippines, Giorgio Guglielmino, presented the award, thanking Biggiogero for his numerous contributions to promote Italy.

Biggiogero returned the appreciation, saying that while the Philippines is his home now, he will forever be Italian.

A man who fell in love with paradise

The Milan-born property veteran is a recognized leader in the real estate industry in the Philippines. He is currently serving as the director for Hotel and Leisure for KMC Savills. He has been based in the Philippines since 2003 when he came over to spearhead a project in Boracay. Ever since he stepped foot on the white, sandy shores, Biggiogero knew that that was where he wanted to be.

“I had planned to visit just for vacation, but fell in love with the place and decided to use my property experience to explore business opportunities,” he said.

LA FAMIGLIA Mario Biggiogero, JoAnn Tecson, Marco Biggiogero, Marian Biggiogero, and Leone Biggiogero

Boracay has been his home for more than a decade. In that time, he has developed several projects in Boracay, which continue to be the benchmark for developers coming to invest on the island. His intuition, foresight, and expertise have also allowed his projects to gain international recognition such as the 2010 B.I.D. International Star Award for Quality in Geneva and Tripadvisor’s 2013 Traveler’s Choice, among others.

A blend of warmth and sophistication

It’s no wonder why Biggiogero fell in love with Boracay. The islands, he says, are the perfect mix of local and foreign people, each contributing to the quirky yet wholesome feel of the place. In his capacity both as a resident and developer on the islands, he has made it his mission to incorporate both Philippine and Italian designs in his projects. The result is an other-worldliness to the properties he develops. One doesn’t really know where to begin, whether it’s from the traditional designs by local talents or the sophisticated allure of Italian creativity. Either way, you know which properties have been touched by hands of Biggiogero. They are homes away from home, incredibly innovative yet warm.

“Boracay has developed its unique character due to its perfect blend of foreigners and locals living in and loving the island,” says Biggiogero. “Real estate prices are more affordable here than in places such as Phuket or Bali. Investors can still aim for an optimum capital gain as well as good rental returns, especially if their investment is properly managed.”