The most exciting announcements in the PS5 showcase

First of all, the PS5 is set to launch on November. The standard edition, which will have an optical disc drive costs $499. The digital edition, where you can only get games through downloads, will be set in $399.

Earlier today Sony announced more games for the PS5, and we are in for treat.

Final Fantasy XVI

Of all things announced, the newest Final Fantasy was a big surprise. And it looks so edgy. So far we've seen small gameplay details, which seems to focus on using one character in a more Devil May Cry-style fashion.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Miles Morales is on a roll. He's had an animated movie and now his own game. Let's cross fingers with all this love, we can see Morales make his MCU debut someday.

Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls is one of the most important games in recent history. It helped propel an entire genre, with many games trying replicate its formula. It's brutal and unforgiving, more so than its spiritual successor, Dark Souls. Even to this day, Demon's Souls holds up very well, and personally, I believe is vastly superior than Dark Souls 2 and 3.

Hogwarts Legacy

Finally a Harry Potter game that looks really good. Taking place in the 1800s, it seems the player will assume the role of a Hogwarts student that can be customized for a more HP immersive experience. Some part of me hopes it will play like Rockstar's Bully. Most likely it won't, but anything that lets players explore Hogwarts sounds exciting.


Arkane, the makers of Dishonored, has given us some more hints about Deathloop. Looks like, as Cole, players are given a certain amount of time to take out eight targets. Failing to do so, means an entire reset of the day. Something like Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. Or The Edge of Tomorrow. And it looks like it's designed to be played repeatedly as players gain more knowledge about each of the target's activities, allowing them to plan how to bring each targets together to save time. Sounds simple right? But apparently there's a rival assassin who will mess things up for the player, disrupting plans. Speedrunners are going to wow the developers on this game.

God of War: Ragnarok

We didn't get to see anything for God of War. Because it's a game that doesn't need a trailer. Just a year when it's coming out. And that year is 2021.

There's a ton more announced, such as Resident Evil VIII, which is said to focus more on exploration and action. So far the entire lineup sounds great, fueling the hype for PS5.

You can watch the entire showcase below: