Now out of hospital, John Regala continues recovery at home

John Regala (Facebook/Liza Dino)

Actor John Regala has been discharged from the hospital upon his insistence.

His friend, Aster Amoyo, who helped raise funds for his medical care, gave an update about it. She said that if it were up to his friends, John would have stayed in the hospital for a few more days.

"We have no choice but to give in to his request to go home," she wrote on Facebook.

She shared in another post that John only had eight days of confinement at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI). Now that he's home, they're praying that he continues to get better every day. 

"Many thanks to all those who donated and helped John on his way to recovery."

Few days ago, Aster, along with John’s celebrity friends Nadia Montenegro and Chuckie Dreyfus, created a “Gava Gives Assistance Account” for him.

John has liver cirrhosis and he hasn’t had dialysis for months due to lack of funds.