LOOK: Starbucks just opened the largest mall-like store in Korea

It houses a huge interactive space, a Teavana bar, a Reserve coffee bar, and a drive-thru.

Remember those online brickbats geared toward students who convert Starbucks into study hubs until their coffee runs dry, because, apparently, they hog all the space and inconvenience the paying titas of Manila? Well, in the near future when we can all go back to normal, maybe both sides can agree on one solution: Fly to Starbucks The Yangpyeong DTR, find their seats, order their latte, and take their time. 

In celebration of Starbucks’ 21st anniversary in South Korea, the coffee shop chain has recently unveiled the market’s largest and newest branch in the province of Gyeonggi. It spans three stories over 1,203 square meters (about 13,000 square feet). That’s enough space to accommodate study groups, business sessions, just amiga things, and the remaining percent that makes up the anatomy of a Starbucks store on a weekday. 

The Yangpyeong DTR store is the first in Korea to incorporate the original Starbucks store DNA of specialty drinks and design with a huge interactive area, an in-house Teavana bar for go-to crafted tea blends, Reserve Roasteries that boast of the rarest, most exceptional coffees, and a sleek drive-thru service. Think a marriage of Fully Booked BGC and Starbucks Tagaytay along with undivided premium coffee and tea shops within reach.

The store managers also plan to host a live stage on the store’s rooftop by inviting local talents to perform. It is one of their attempts to create a platform for young people in the country who wish to be recognized for all sorts of skills, such as singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, or even theater. 

The huge mall-like branch is part of Starbucks’ concept stores meant to innovate customers’ coffee-and-stay experience through a sense of community and individuality housed in cutting-edge architecture. Check out these other unique stores worldwide:

The first traditional wooden Japanese-style store in Kyoto, Japan, replete with tatami, experimental brew bar, silk cushions, and sliding doors;

Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya Starbucks in Japan

The opulent Bali store in Indonesia, the largest in Southeast Asia, with a greenhouse and luxe services, such as concierge and valet parking;

Starbucks Reserve Dewata in Indonesia

Alajuela branch in Costa Rica that features a coffee farm and tasting experience;

Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia in Costa Rica

and that branch in Paris, France adorned with chandeliers and intricate murals.

Starbucks Boulevard des Capucines in France