'Monster' MV of Red Velvet creates stir

SM Entertainment has finally dropped the music video for Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi’s unit single, “Monster,” on Tuesday after delaying its release.


The music video for “Monster” was set to be released on July 6 at 6 pm, the same time the duo’s album was made available in all streaming platforms.

An apology for the delay was issued on Red Velvelt’s Twitter page on the same day.

“Please excuse the inconvenience caused by the delay, and thank you for your understanding and support,” the statement read.

The 18-hour delay of the music video release caused an uproar among Red Velvet fans collectively known as ReveLuvs.

“I’m sorry but once again this is absolutely SH**TY management from SM, they put all this hype on monster on a certain DATE and TIME and now they just delay the mv? This is gonna drop the view count for sure, bad management and it isn't the first time,” user @velvetxears wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “reminder that monster has already been delayed since it was supposed to be released in June but wasn’t because sm “wanted it to be perfect”, so bllsht on this second delay.”

Meanwhile, #WatchMonsterNOW trended on Twitter minutes after the music video was released.

Fans praised the dark and bold concept of the video and its “visually stunning” shots.