McDonald’s levels up with M Safe Campaign

Say hello to your fave branch’s ‘health manager’ 

Before the height of social media, new TV commercials would be the talk of the town. From a dance craze started by twins in a shampoo video and an old lady-turned-fairy who gives half a sports car in a biscuit ad to that “supportahan taka” line in a telephone campaign, these commercials with catchy tunes and colorful narratives became a part of everyone’s life then, which earned them a spot in Filipino pop culture. 

Among these iconic commercials were the ones produced by fast food brand McDonald’s. Who can forget that “Karen, po” moment or that childhood love story with The Eraserheads’ Ang Huling El Bimbo” in the background? What makes McDonald’s commercials great is how they would depict food as a tool to bind people together, creating intimate, special moments even in a public space like a fast food restaurant.

Today, this is what people long for in a country so slowly emerging from quarantine, if indeed they should emerge already. Consumers remain extra careful about dining outside.

Good thing, McDonald’s Philippines keeps on finding ways for Filipinos to get that magic, whether at its restaurants or in the comfort of their homes.

Even before dine-in services resumed in June, the fast food giant beefed up its efforts in assuring quality service and maintaining its restaurants clean with stringent policies for both their customers and employees. 

Kenneth Yang

“McDonald’s has always been strict and committed when it comes to quality, safety, and cleanliness,” says Kenneth Yang, president and CEO of McDonald’s itPhilippines. “This has always been part of our DNA. We have global standards and protocols when it comes to food safety and quality from sourcing and serving to sanitation of our stores and, most important, safety of people—our own employees and customers.”


As Covid-related cases continue to rise in the country, McDonald’s guarantees a pleasant dining experience with its M Safe campaign. Aiming to protect both its employees and diners, the initiative includes the health protocols laid out by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), with additional features unique to the food brand. 

Employees, for instance, are equipped with care kits, which contain vitamins to help them take better care of their health. The campaign also incorporates what the brand calls health managers. These designated employees are always on the lookout to ensure that health and sanitation rules are followed both by the staff and the customers while inside the restaurant.

“We are happy with the preparation of McDonald’s. We appreciate the preventive measures for customers and even for their employees,” says DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez during a visit to one of the brand’s outlets.

To better improve its safety protocols, the brand also encourages customers to send their feedback to


As many establishments are now shifting to digital and delivery services, McDonald’s is also bringing in new channels for customers to order food. 

While the food brand continues to be available and accessible through platforms such as McDelivery, GrabFood, and FoodPanda, its latest addition, the Facebook Messenger chatbot, gives an enhanced customer experience as customers will be able to place their orders ahead, schedule their delivery or pick up from a branch most convenient to them. 

The brand is also introducing Park, Order, and Pay in some outlets, where customers will just park, order from a restaurant crew without leaving the car, pay, and wait for their order to be brought to them.

“While we have reopened our doors for dine-in, and as we gain the confidence of our consumers with our elevated measures, we also acknowledge that a large population of Filipinos still choose to eat at home,” says Margot Torres, managing director of McDonald’s Philippines.“Because of this, the omnichannel approach that we have prioritized since 2011 has become very relevant today in making our products more accessible to consumers while ensuring their safety.”     


M Group Selections is one of its newest offerings that allow small groups to celebrate with their favorites at good value. Available via McDelivery, drive thru, pick up, or take out, it enables customers to mix and match orders from the five Group Selections food products depending on their preference and budget. 

“With the introduction of the M Group Selections and our no touch channels, we are hopeful that our consumers will be able to satisfy their cravings in the comfort and safety of their homes,” says Torres. “We will continue to find ways to delight our consumers as we navigate through the new normal.”