True Colors

Photographer of the Week: Rosaline Jamio Baylosis

By Maan D’Asis Pamaran

As a Filipina working in Dubai, Rosaline Jamio Baylosis says that looking through the lens has offered her a brighter world view. “I am attracted to photography mainly because it makes me happy. It is something I do that makes me feel excited and recharged,” she says.

Night Visit at Grad Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Khor Virap Monastery, Armenia (Rosaline Baylosis)

She started taking photos when she first arrived in the United Arab Emirates in 2016, after being engaged to attend lectures and photography workshops that piqued her interest. “From there, I continued learning and taking photos most especially during my travel, events, and some random moments whenever possible.”

Foggy morning in Haystack

Rosaline has already received recognition for her work that has awarded her, which included being one of the grand winners of the contest last 2019 in the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) and the Huawei Consumer Business Group competition entitled Moments, also last year. While she has been reaping rewards for her talent, which even included a trip to New York City in the US, she says that she is still feeling her way around the craft. “I don’t have really a particular genre which I specialize in, because I’m still in the midst of finding what I truly like and love. For now, I am shooting whatever seems to be photographic for me.”

Golden Fire Road, Sheikh Zayed Road
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
Wahdah (Rosaline Baylosis)

These subjects range from different “scapes,” she says, from landscapes and seascapes to cityscapes which she wants to share from her point of view. “I also take portraits of people wherever I go, because travelling for me is discovering that there is something more beyond the usual and I am capturing the moment and its beauty through photography. I am thankful for all the opportunities to travel, from prizes of photography competitions, photo assignments for clients, collaborations with brands – the opportunities are endless!”

Blue Lagoon, Dinagat Island

Alegria, Cebu

The 31-year-old who is currently working as an HR officer in a construction company, is also busy taking up her Masters in Public Management course at the UP Open University.  She still finds the time to share her knowledge and help others by co-organizing photography and videography lectures and workshops and at the same time being a photo walk leader of Litrato Group AE.

Razeen, Al Qua'a
Vardzia Cave , Erushuti Mountain, Georgia
Ararat Mountain , Turkey

“We are a circle of photography enthusiasts who aim to create a friendly connections and collaborations with other photographers regardless of skill levels, photography and videography interests and styles that will help as well for each other’s individual development,” she explains.

Skógafoss Falls, Iceland
Sunset at Reykjavik

In general, though, she does not classify herself as a technical photographer. “Usually what interests me is something that I have never seen before or something that I haven’t done before. What I have seen from senior or famous photographers is sort of inspiration and when it intrigues me, I try to do it on my own way. An effective photograph for me is something that makes an impact to the viewers. Be it makes them happy, sad, confused, amazed, etc. Whatever it is, it should make them feel something or react on a certain way.”

Chasing Galaxia
Fossil Dunes AL Wathba, Abu Dhabi

To elicit emotions, she chooses to go with vibrant colors and contrasts with a bit of shadowy photos for mood. “It also depends on the subject of the picture itself, but more often than not, I would like to reveal real colors for real feel just a little bit of enhancement during the post- processing,” she explains.

A glance of Curiosity , Cebu
Sibling teamwork, Pampanga

For her, photography needs patience and understanding. “Photography is not an overnight learning activity. Like the other crafts you wanted to learn and improve, it will take time for this as well. Your patience will be test in several instances most especially if you wanted to capture a great moment. It will be improved and perfected to practice and time only.”