Iza Calzado on Charlie Dizon's best actress win: 'You were destined for this'

Iza Calzado (left) and Charlie Dizon

Following the 46th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2020 Virtual Awards ceremonies last Sunday, Dec. 27, actress Iza Calzado acknowledged Charlie Dizon's victory with a heartfelt post on Instagram.

Iza, one of the lead stars of  "Tagpuan," expressed how blessed and happy she was for Charlie's win.

Iza's full post:

"Tonight, I feel blessed to witness a star shine brighter. I know we were nominated in the same category but I was really rooting for you. I am beyond happy to see you win and thrilled that you mentioned me in your speech. It gives me a sense of purpose beyond self and that is a great gift. How amazing that God used me as an instrument to help you in your journey in becoming the Fan Girl. You were destined for this @charliedizon_ mahal kita. ❤️"

Dizon, 24, had her first breakout role in the hit  fantasy-series "Bagani" as "Marikit" along with this year's win for the "Best Actress in a Lead Role" by playing "Jane" in "Fan Girl."

This is not the first time Calzado showed her support for the "Fan Girl" star. Sometimes, she also reacts and posts comments on Dizon's Instagram page .

It's always great to see fellow stars commending each other's victory.