Better relations, more confidence, and high hopes for 2021

Published December 27, 2020, 8:30 AM

by Deedee Siytangco


I am the Light of this World. He who follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light of life.

John 8:12

Senator Nancy Binay’s plan for 2021 “is building better relations, spreading love, friendship, and concern for others. If we do all these, we will surely be on our way to become a better nation!” 

Ang New Year’s resolution ko, at sana New Year’s resolution nating lahat bilang Pilipino, bilang mga Kristiyano, ay huwag nating kalimutan na may responsibilidad tayo sa isa’t isa (My New Year’s resolution is that I hope all of us, being Filipino and Christians, should not forget we are responsible for each other),” adds the senator. “There’s this voice that echoes every time I get to hear the Christmas song, ‘Someday at Christmas.’”

Lovely wishes, Senator Nancy! Thank you for speaking out strongly against police violence and abuse of gun power as in the latest case of a policeman shooting a father and his mother in Paniqui, Tarlac in cold blood. What troubles Nancy, as it does most people, is that the cops who are supposed to defend us are turning out to be our oppressors!

QC Councilor Lena Marie Juico

For 2020 and, in reaction to the pandemic, the wish of three-termer councilor in the First District of Quezon city, Lena Marie Juico, the youngest of the brood of sportsman Philip Juico and former PCSO chair Margie Juico, was to get healthier, to make better food choices, and to exercise regularly. “In 2021, I aspire to be even healthier and stronger than I was in 2020. Time to set more serious health goals!” she says. 

The councilor, Mayen to her constituents, has admirable advocacies. “My advocacies are women empowerment, gender equality, eradicating violence against women and children, and advancing the rights of the LGBTQI community as well as the solo parents,” she says. “My wish is that on my last one year and a half as councilor, I will be able to craft and lobby for more landmark ordinances for them, who are often forgotten.” 

She explains that the quarantine has caused a sharp rise in domestic violence incidents, involving both women and children. “My New Year’s wish is for them to be freed from violence and abuse, for strength and courage to be upon them. And that they may find the resolve to fight against the abuse they are suffering,” says Mayen.

Vanessa and Francis Suatengco

Diamond Hotel general manager Vanessa Ledesma Suatengco is grateful for the lessons learned in 2020. “There is so much to be thankful for to God, the gift of life, hope, being with your family, and still having a job in the midst of the pandemic,” she says of her major realizations this year. “My hope is that the New Year will be a better year for all of us with the gift of the vaccine, and that the government will strive harder to open up the economy to prevent the massive layoffs and to prevent the people from going hungry.”  

Maybank President and CEO Choong Wai Hong and family

To the dynamic young president and CEO of Maybank, Choong Wai Hong, who looks forward to 2021, the New Year will bring its own mix of successes and challenges. “But our direction is clear,” he says. “We will continue to focus on providing our clients with the best service and most comprehensive financial services solutions in the market, managing our costs, strengthening our brand, and doing our part to navigate the economy moving forward in the new normal.”

Conrad Manila General Manager Linda Pecoraro and husband Raghavan Nanoo

“At Conrad Manila, 2020 taught us three key lessons on staying strong,” declares Linda Pecoraro, general manager. These lessons involve being prepared, standing united, and leading the way. In 2021, the hotel’s priorities will still be the high quality of health and safety standards for the guests, patrons, and team members. “Conrad Manila is committed to being the safe haven for everyone, from check in to check out, as well as to delivering the highest performance to provide the best guest experiences,” she says. “Most important, Conrad Manila will continue to champion our corporate social responsibility program—Travel with Purpose—through our sustainable principles and green advocacies that support communities.”