Morissette Amon reacts to 'wrong decision' remark about her engagement

Morissette Amon and Dave Lamar

Morissette Amon didn't let it slide when one netizen gave her unsolicited advice regarding her recent engagement with indie-pop singer-songwriter Dave Lamar.

One netizen claimed that Morissette's latest milestone is a "wrong decision" because it would also mean the end of her international career.

The same netizen cited the career of Jocelyn Enriquez as an example.

"It’s okay to be in love but think about how much you’re going to lose. You are at the peak of your career right now. I’m just saying," the Instagram user said.

Morissette defended herself. "I don't reply to messages like this, but I will to you because you're obviously judging me too quickly. I frankly don't think I'm going to lose anything with my decision to get married, especially when the man I'm gonna share my life with is the same man who is currently helping me with my music."

The netizen clarified he is not judging Morissette, saying that he's a "huge fan" of her.

"Nanghihinayang lang ako sa mga maaring mangyari. I used to be in the industry and in the US….when an artist lalo na pag pasikat pa lang….then they decide to get married or get pregnant….nasisira na ang career. Inaayawan na ng mga record label kasi alam nila mababawasan na kita nila dahil maraming fans ang aayaw na," he shared.

"It’s a stupid thing but unfortunately, it happens. What I said about Jocelyn Enriquez was true. Mismong manager nya nag kwento sa kin. At the peak of her career she decided to get pregnant. Sunod sunod pa naman mga offers sa kanya. She lost all of them. Hirap na sya makabalik. Same with Charice. When she came out di ba….ano nangyari? Same thing. Like I said earlier…..I’m a huge fan and I’m always up to date sa mga new songs mo. All I want was for you to make it here….in mainstream US. Malapit na sana. Pero syempre buhay mo yan. It’s still your decision. Nagbibigay lang ako ng advice. I hope your other fans don’t take this the wrong way."

Morissette said that this is not the first time she was bashed over a decision she made.

"…but we are all different people, and as for me I will still go on with pursuing my music because this is what I believe God's purpose is for me, and that can still happen even when I get married or even when I have my own family in the future," she said.

"If we're talking about the international scene, Tori Kelly is an extremely talented artist who's still soaring with her music, and is extremely happy with her own family all at the same time. I acknowledge and appreciate your concern as a supporter, but there's also a lot going on behind the scenes that even my die-hard fans don't know about, but they continue to trust and support me and I am so grateful for them."

Morissette also said that her engagement to Dave was an "answered prayer."