A Partnership to Support Online SME Industry and Aide the Country in its Economic Bounce Back

Published December 23, 2020, 5:50 PM

by Edgard Hilario

Following the boom of e-commerce and the heightened demand for courier services especially during the hectic holiday season, J&T Express Philippines is continuing their commitment to uplift the Filipino as the fastest-growing and farthest-reaching logistics company by officially partnering with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

A memorandum of agreement was signed in an effort to strengthen the growing number of transactions and to avert any illegal transactions, especially in light of the holiday season rush. With PDEA having already destroyed 6.25B php worth of confiscated drugs just last October, the agency is now looking to private stakeholders to help avoid a likely surge in illegal smuggling as deliveries increase.

From left to right: PDEA Director General Wilkins Villanueva, Susi Susanti Human Resource and Administrative Director of J&T Express Philippines, Atty. Christoffer Liquigan, and Corporate General Counsel of J&T Express Philippines

With the signing of this memorandum, J&T is heightening their crusade against such criminal activities, especially drug smuggling. This latest measure is just one of many that the company has taken to discourage criminals and to eliminate unlawful affairs.

J&T Express Philippines is dedicated to safeguarding their customers along with the Philippine trade and industry which received a second wind from online businesses. Furthermore, they are enthusiastic to champion the local SMEs and their patrons who rely on their services for safe and fast deliveries no matter the distance or location. Therefore they are working alongside a government agency such as PDEA who wants to erase all crime from logistics.

Aside from receiving more stringent training for their team members and adding more safety protocols to identify erring packages, J&T is also reminding customers to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Guidelines which are stated in-store and online at J&T platforms.

These include open checking, declaring the correct value, and filling in the item description of the packages. Doing so will also streamline the process for faster transactions during the bustling month of December.

Expecting delivery transactions to increase in demand through the holidays and into 2021, J&T Express wants to bolster the online SME industry and help the country usher in an economic bounce-back without threat from drug smugglers and their ilk.

J&T Express Philippines is poised for brighter days in the next year, and wants to assure everyone that J&T will help pave the way for an even better future for logistics beginning with a peaceful Yuletide season.