K-pop boy band BTOB’s Ilhoon facing case of smoking marijuana

Published December 22, 2020, 7:36 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Ilhoon (Instagram) 

Jung Ilhoon, 26, member of K-pop boy band BTOB, is facing a case of smoking marijuana several times for years. 

A report by Korean broadcasting network Channel A on Dec. 21 stated that the police investigated Ilhoon’s habitual drug use. The police determined that Ilhoon smoked marijuana several times with acquaintances from four to five years ago until last year based on the statements of his accomplices and account tracking. The drug was also detected in Ilhoon’s hair. 

To avoid detection, Ilhoon allegedly used cryptocurrency to buy the drugs. He deposited cash in an account of an acquaintance who converted it to cryptocurrency to buy marijuana. 

Ilhoon enlisted in the military on May 28 this year and is now a public service worker. However, Channel A raised suspicion on his enlistment, reporting that Ilhoon could have enlisted to prevent the case from being known and to postpone criminal punishment as the case was being investigated when he entered the military.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced on Dec. 21 that it had sent the case of Ilhoon and his accomplices to the prosecution in July on charges of violating Korea’s Narcotics Control Act. 

Under Korea’s law, smoking marijuana is punishable by imprisonment with labor up to five years or a fine of up to 50 million won (about $45,075). 

Regarding the case, Cube Entertainment told Channel A that “we have no knowledge of Jung Ilhoon’s drug case, and his enlistment period was originally scheduled in March but was delayed for two months due to the spread of COVID-19.” 

Cube Entertainment sent a statement to Korean media outlets to say that after checking with Ilhoon about the news report, it was confirmed that he was summoned by the police for smoking marijuana. 

An exclusive report by Korean news outlet Dispatch on Dec. 21 stated that Ilhoon was investigated by the police in July and October last year and reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana several times. 

It added that in 2019, the police arrested a gang of cryptocurrency drug traders. A sales book allegedly containing the name of Ilhoon was turned over to the police as part of a plea bargaining agreement. 

On May 27, or a day before his enlistment, Ilhoon wrote to fans on Instagram, saying, “Actually, the reason I wrote these words was to announce my enlistment. I also feel sorry for not interacting much with you during the past break,” Osen reported. 

​”Although it’s been a long time since I last uploaded a long post like this, I feel sorry that maybe this will be unexpected news for you. However, you probably understand clearly that I must perform my duties as a man of the Republic of Korea. Once again, I love you, Melody [BTOB fans),” said Ilhoon, who was the last member of BTOB to enlist. 


Ilhoon (Instagram) 

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