Students put a Filipino twist on an Italian classic to support local farmers

Published December 21, 2020, 12:03 PM

by Kerry Tinga

Up the Christmas cocktails: try Italian limoncello of local Filipino dayap

As we move towards a more globalized world, we get to learn and appreciate the beauty of different cultures and the tastiness of different cuisines. There is no denying, however, that some of the greatest creations happen when cultures and cuisines come together. Look at the California roll, Japanese sushi by way of southern California. Or chicken tikka masala, a British twist on a south Asian delicacy. Or even tempura, a Japanese fried dish inspired by the Portuguese peinxinhos da horta. Seriously, look it up.

Now, a group of young, Filipino students present the next great culture clash: Italian limoncello with Filipino flavors.

A Filipino twist on an Italian classic / Photo courtesy of Dolce Fresca

“Our story begins when one of my teammates visited Europe for her junior term abroad,” says Caitlin Young. “There she tried limoncello for the first time. My teammate fell in love with the beverage and decided to learn how to make it firsthand. Thus, Dolce Fresca was born!”

Caitlin is joined by Andrea Borbe, Michelle Ong, Jermaine Pua, and Francine Qua. Together they are a business thesis group composed of senior management honors students from Ateneo.

Dolce Fresca limoncello in sustainable glass bottles / Photo courtesy of Dolce Fresca

The classic limoncello comes from the Amalfi coast of Italy. Along with the tasty liqueur, the Amalfi coast is also known for its luxurious resorts and stunning panoramic landscapes by the water you have probably seen all over social media. That also kind of sounds like the Philippines, with our own luxurious resorts and stunning panoramic landscapes by the water. It is a wonder it took so long for this cultural combination to come about. All it needed were young, creative minds who also understood the quality of our own farmers and their produce.

Dolce Fresca offers the Italian liqueur in the classic Italian lemon flavor, as well as in dayap, or Philippine key lime. It is all naturally flavored with no additives or preservatives.

Whether you like the classic lemon or the Filipino twist, all of their drinks use locally grown, organic fruit as part of a social initiative to support Filipino farmers. Proving their full commitment to sustainability, Dolce Fresca limoncello comes in glass bottles in honeycomb wrap and biodegradable gift bags.

Use the limoncello in cocktails or even treats like tarts and tiramisu. Or, drink it as is. Either way, you are in for a treat that merges the best of both worlds.

Dolce Fresca offers 350mL bottles of either flavor for 390 each, and 500mL bottles of either flavor for ₱490 each. Their current Christmas bundle deal offers any two 350mL flavor for ₱375 each, and any two 500mL flavor for ₱475 each. | Facebook: Dolce Fresca | Instagram: @dolcefresca