GOSSIP GIRL: Kim Chiu stars in ‘Bawal Lumabas,’ tells us her ‘bawal’ moments

Published December 15, 2020, 7:23 AM

by Giselle Sanchez

Kim Chiu

“I am allergic to shrimps.”

“Bawal ako kumain ng shrimps. So when I got curious about the taste and ate shrimps, my face broke into hives and after that I never ate shrimps.

Another ‘Bawal’ moment I did was to come home late when I was younger. When I arrived late at night in our home in Cebu, there were so many cats and they were staring at me. This is where I got my phobia of cats.” And those were Kim Chiu’s pasaway moments that she never did again.  

Kim is the star of “Bawal Lumabas” a drama-comedy serye that was just released last Monday in the I want TFC app. Indeed, the actress turned her demise  into victory after being bashed and harassed over her statement “Bawal Lumabas” that launched a thousand memes in social media. 

During the enhanced community quarantine, Kim received unbelievable bashing after she compared the implementation of the national telecommunications commission’s cease and desist order against ABS-CBN to classroom rules where she used the words “bawal lumabas.”

“I really don’t know why that statement came out of my mouth. But it did and I know I made the mistake and I owned my mistake. That is why I wrote the song ‘Bawal Lumabas.’ Because I wanted to tell everybody that when faced with a crisis, the only way to turn it around is to fully accept it and move forward as a better person who has learned her lesson,” Kim tells “Gossip Girl.”

I am very impressed with this young actress. Instead of sulking and crying over the bashing she received, she turned negativity into positivity by writing a song called “Bawal Lumabas” which went trending, receiving 9.5 million views on YouTube. 

This landed Kim together with a select few other stars in the Forbes Asia list Of 100 Digital Stars.  The “Bawal Lumabas” meme became so popular that she was able to create merchandise and sell it to help COVID-19 victims.

And now she has a serye produced by Dreamscape. This thirty-year-old young woman really knows how to transform a bashing into a blessing.

Some people, when attacked, will just wilt and hide in the shadows. Kim  chose the opposite. And now she’s earning from it and has helped other actors like me and production people because “Bawal Lumabas” is now a serye. 

So thank you very much Kim.  “Bawal Lumabas” also stars Rafael Rossel, Trina Legaspi, Paulo Angeles, Francine Diaz, Kyle Echari and myself. Directed by Benedict Mique, this serye of Kim is one you should not miss.