Shay Mitchell: on mom’s beauty tips to pass down to daughter

Published December 11, 2020, 11:31 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

And why she thinks her mom is a supermom

We’ve heard it since we were kids, our moms would say, “You’ll understand when you become a mom.” And Shay Mitchell is one of those who get it—now. 

In an interview on, she shares that her beauty routine has always been simple. “I wash my face every evening, moisturize, use products with quality ingredients, and stay hydrated during the day. If I just have an easy day, I put on some mascara and call it a day.”

When asked about what she learned from her Filipina mom that she would like to pass down to her daughter Atlas, she revealed, “One of my fondest memories from growing up was watching my mom get ready for work. I remember her putting her lipstick on before she left the house. She was so chic, put together, and calm. When she came home, she always managed to take care of us, the house, and have a family dinner. I used to think she was just a mom, but now I know she is a superwoman.”

This young mom also stressed how important it is to have a routine with everything that you do.