Filipino fashion designer Jeffrey Rogador passes away

Jeffrey Rogador (Image from

Jeffrey Rogador, Filipino fashion designer, passed away at age 42. His death was announced morning of Dec. 1.

Receiving his fine arts degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Rogador further honed his fashion design skills through the years that later granted him the 2012 Jeansation Award in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He also became a part of Salinggawi Dance Troupe as a performer and the group's costume designer. To master his design skills even more, he joined the Fashion Institute of the Philippines and graduated in 2006. 

During his career in the fashion industry, Rogador became known for his urban streetwear aesthetic, producing collections and collaborations with brands such as Levi's and Jag Jeans Origins; the latter was presented to editor in chief of Elle Magazine Nina Garcia.

With his experience in design and theater, Rogador crafted costumes for local and international performing groups. His designs were seen on the productions of Martin Lawrence's Rebel, Amid Shadows, Aria, and The Winding Road for Ballet Manila, and Red Run and A Far Cry for London-based Richard Alston Dance Company.

Richard Alston Dance Company wearing Rogador's costume design (Photo by Chris Nash from @jeffreyrogador)

On the runways, Rogador championed diversity by casting real people to wear his designs. This initiative gave birth to his streetwear lines "JRXX" and "JR," featuring his graphic prints, doodles, and graffiti-like aesthetic. One his last works was his 2020 spring/summer collection titled "Virus," which aimed to spread happiness and raise awareness on upcycling and the environmental issues brought by global wasted and apparel consumption.

Months before his unfortunate passing, the designer launched an art series called "Art For Help," where he sold his art pieces to raise funds for the production of face masks, lab gowns, and other protective suits donated to medical frontliners. 

Local fashion industry professionals, such as designers Kaye Morales and Bo Parcon, stylist Janno Novenario, and editor Suki Salvador, among others, expressed their grievances on social media about the demise of a great designer and friend.

"Jeffrey Rogador truly believes that you make the fashion, and not the other way around," according to the designer's website. "By shifting the focus back to the point of origin, the medium of expression becomes far more important and meaningful than just another typical template in fashion."