Leading Tile Manufacturer Rolls Out Technically-advanced Skim Coat

Published December 9, 2020, 7:43 PM

by Edgard Hilario

MARIWASA Siam Ceramics Inc., the Philippines’ leading tile manufacturer is introducing the new and technically advanced Mariwasa Skim Coat, a ready-to-use, cement-like plastering mortar suitable for smoothing and finishing off concrete surfaces, as well as pre-casting for interior and exterior application.     

Skim coating is a texturing technique used to make a wall or ceiling smooth. It is also used to repair damaged drywall making it a quick, long-term solution for fixing minor cracks, filling a joint, or leveling an existing flat surface.  

The new product is designed to work even on rough surfaces without leaving any pin holes or cracks while creating a smooth finish that corrects unevenness. Moreover, the new Mariwasa Skim Coat can work for surfaces both indoors and outdoors so that homeowners don’t have to pay extra just to buy separate materials.

Mariwasa’s new Skin Coat underwent a quality assurance check to make sure that it is in excellent condition and aligns with the company’s goal of becoming a complete home solutions provider.

Usually, skim coats are grey or white in color. Mariwasa opted to make their skim coat in superfine white to allow the paint that would be applied on the surface to have more vibrancy and a low tendency of shade variation.

 Available at a reasonable price, the new Mariwasa Skim Coat can help homeowners save more from the usual cost of materials and labor when having walls finished off.

Like all Mariwasa products, the brand’s new skim coat underwent a quality assurance check to make sure that it is in excellent condition and aligns with the company’s goal of becoming a complete home solutions provider.  

Uncompromising Quality
Mariwasa was built on the vision of producing ceramic products that would meet global standards for beauty and durability.  

The company holds the distinction of being the first manufacturer of both wall and floor tiles in a wide array of colors and sizes. Each tile comes from the company’s commitment to product excellence that is fully supported by extensive research and development along with innovative design and some of the most modern production facilities and processes in the country.     

Over time, Mariwasa has amassed a number of collections that showcase unique designs for each selection. The company has also branched out to offering home construction products such as sanitary wares, tile adhesives, and grout, as well as the skim coat to provide solutions for every home and manifest their vision of quality products that are sturdy and appealing. 

Not only does the company showcase the continuing legacy of Filipino craftsmanship and ingenuity locally, it also exports its finished products to other countries in the ASEAN region.