Duterte offers to resign if anyone can show proof he accepted bribes

Published December 8, 2020, 1:56 AM

by Genalyn Kabiling

President Duterte has offered to resign if anyone can show proof he accepted bribes while in government. 

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte talks to the people after holding a meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) core members at the Malacañang Golf (Malago) Clubhouse in Malacañang Park, Manila on December 7, 2020.

In a televised address Monday night, the President said he would also ask Cabinet members to step down if proven they are involved in corruption.

“Now, maraming haka-haka diyan na kaming mga Cabinet members, ako tumatanggap ng pera saan. Look, I give you this guarantee. Magdala ka lang ng tao at sabihin mo nagbigay siya ng piso sa amin, mag-resign ako bukas (Now there are speculations that Cabinet members and I have accepted money. Look, I give you this guarantee, bring a person who will say he gave us bribes, I will resign tomorrow). Just one person, one affidavit,” he said.

“If there is anybody who can prove that I received money from the Office of the President from the government one peso more than my salary, re-resign rin ako (I will resign),” he added.

Duterte however threatened to kill anyone who will make false corruption allegations against him and his Cabinet. He said they should tell the truth, not spread lies about him and other government officials merely to destroy their reputation.

You just bring him before the public to make an announcement, and if true, I will tender my resignation as President of this Republic. That is my guarantee to you, he said.

“Basta totoo. Do not lie. Huwag kang mag-imbento, you concoct a story, masama iyan. Kung ganoon, ah ikaw ang patayin ko (As long as it is true. Do not lie. Don’t invent or concoct a story, that’s bad. If that happens, I will kill you),” he said.

At present, Duterte remained confident that his Cabinet members are “all honest.” 

 “Kung mayroon ka, sabihin mo (If you have evidence otherwise, just say it) in public and I will ask that Cabinet member to resign immediately,” he said.

Duterte, who has repeatedly expressed his zero tolerance for corruption, said the “cleansing” of the government will continue.

The President has previously offered to quit his post amid his exasperation with rampant corruption in government. Recently, he has been reading aloud names of public servants either suspended or dismissed from service over corruption complaints.