3 TikTok PH educational accounts to follow now

Published December 7, 2020, 5:57 PM

by Paola Navarette

Keep young learners engaged and amused with these

TikTok, the wildly popular short video application, has quickly risen up to the cultural forefront of seemingly every industry. Trying to avoid it? Trust us, you’ll want to make an account.

Although it may seem like an app is at best just entertainment, there’s a community of educators on it who share tips and provide opportunities for learning and growth.

Here are three educators putting out fun, relatable content who are worth a follow. Plus, these users landed on TikTok 100, a curated list of some of its most followed creators and viral trends of the past 12 months. 

Dr. Winston Tiwaquen

Dr. Winston Tiwaquen’s account offers a refreshing mix of jokes and serious advice. The doctor, whom TikTok bio states “CEO of Char,” uses a comedic approach to make it easier for users to understand what they can do in the face of common medical issues. He also speaks about mental illness in a humorous tone which helps de-stigmatize it. 

The doctor would start his videos with lines like, “Anong gagawin mo pag nag nosebleed ka? Una, kumalma ka lang dahil nandito naman ako. Char!” then follow it up with actual medical advice.

Janice Hung

If you’re looking for sports-related content, then look no further than Janice Hung’s account. The international wushu champion actress has kung fu tutorial videos overlaid with sounds, as well as fitness and self-defense videos.

Saira Margarita

What’s it like in architecture school, really? Architect Saira Margarita’s videos have some insider info that can answer this question for you, plus some expert advice, too! She shares tips on taking the architecture board exam and how to handle clients when you start working with them on a project.