Erik Matti to fellow filmmakers: 'Don't give your films for free'

Erik Matti

Seasoned director Erik Matti has warned his fellow filmmakers about the pros and cons of allowing their masterpieces to be uploaded online.

Matti pointed out that giving their films away for free on platforms does not guarantee any kind of profit deals.

"Seeing a lot of views for your free content can be instantly gratifying. But business-wise it’s like throwing away your films forever," he said.

The 49-year-old co-founder of the production company Reality Entertainment also noted that if a film goes on a platform for free for even just a year, it totally "diminishes" the worth of the film for future sales.

"Find other ways to feel good. Please, just not at the expense of giving away your film."

Erik is known for directing "On The Job," "Honor Thy Father," "Seklusyon," "BuyBust," and "Kuwaresma," among others.