How MyKuya 5.0 Enables On-Demand for All

As the continuing COVID-19 pandemic necessitates that people stay home as much as possible, the focus remains on on-demand services. Yet community quarantines and travel restrictions mean the businesses who provide these services must meet customers halfway, and find a way to reach them in the comfort of their own homes.

Fortunately, the latest update to Makati-based super service app MyKuya is here to help with the digital transformation of services. Since 2017, MyKuya has offered its app users an easy way to hire Kuyas and Ates (the diminutive for the people that carry out the various services on
the app) that’ll do anything from grocery delivery to washing one’s car.
The latest update to the MyKuya app, which the company calls MyKuya 5.0, promises to extend even more on-demand services to their clientele. Although this is no doubt a benefit to MyKuya users, it’s also helpful for service providers looking to complete their digital transformation and
widen their potential reach.

According to MyKuya founder Shahab Shabibi, MyKuya is definitely happy to help companies utilize the app’s infrastructure. “MyKuya wants to help empower pre-existing businesses to compete in the new on-demand service economy,” he said. “That means we’ve worked with a host of manpower and technical service agencies in order to generate more opportunities for
their people.”

Shabibi refers to the fact that the MyKuya app now has services such as air conditioner cleaning, plumbing, and even electrical services. This on top of other services such as barbers who will do house calls and riders that will carry out errands for users such as sorting out papers at government offices. Users will be able to pay for tasks in cash or with MyKoins, a form
payment that can easily be topped up via GCash or PayMaya (after all, MyKuya has worked with both of these companies in order to make the app that much more convenient to use).

Of course, that MyKuya is able to offer services from such a wide range of industries is possible largely thanks to the partnerships they’ve forged with other businesses. The at-home barber service, for example, was made possible by working with renowned barbershop/haberdashery
Felipe & Sons.

“Our stack of technologies is similar to what some of the world’s biggest on-demand service startups have grown their business on,” explained Shabibi. “It’s really great for small and medium sized companies looking for an additional avenue for growth.”

Yet it isn’t just small and medium-sized enterprises who’ve approached MyKuya looking to offer their services on the app. “Some of the largest companies and industries leaders in healthcare, retail, logistics and so on have reached out to us to use the infrastructure we have to create
their own on-demand apps with their brand and our help,” said Shabibi. It’s worth noting at this point that MyKuya has already had partnerships with companies such as Ministop, SM Supermalls, Robinson’s, and so much more. Hence, it should come as no surprise that MyKuya is also now considering further work with some of the biggest companies in the Philippines, building off their previous partnerships and allowing their customers even more service options.

Overall, the latest changes to the MyKuya app promise to be a game-changer for any business that has a valuable service to provide. Amidst the rapid changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the super service app is actively working to give its business partners an additional edge. With on-demand services then more popular than ever, it’s not a stretch to say one can expect MyKuya to have a bigger presence in the future.