TRAP seeks IATF approval of 'triathlon bubble'

Enthusiasts and professional athletes like Kim Remolino will benefit if the proposal of a "triathlon bubble" gets an approval from the IATF. (Photo from Kim Remolino’s Facebook account)

The Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP) plans to hold a sprint race event with hopes of slowly bringing the sport alive amidst the pandemic.

TRAP president Tom Carrasco said they will submit a proposal to the Inter-Agency Task Force for the so-called “triathlon race bubble” after further discussions with other agencies, officials and sponsors involved.

The initial plan is to hold the race late November or early December in Clark City with only 100 participants.

Carrasco said they are studying what other countries are doing so that they could apply the same measures in their planned race.

Some European countries are already holding races at the moment.

“We are aligning the World Triathlon protocol and procedures with those of the IATF,” said Carrasco.

He added they plan to have two swab tests for athletes and personnel before entry to the race venue: first with rapid antigen test, then swab test if the antigen test turns positive.

They also plan to hold participants for three days on designated accommodation facilities before race day.

“If the swab test can last for three days, wala na sigurong problema,” Carrasco said.

Though hosting races these days is challenging, Carrasco is optimistic they can do so for the benefit of local athletes seeking to return to competition.