Pacquiao-Moreno dinner: A picture worth a thousand words

Senator Manny Pacquiao (left) and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is joined by Arnold Vegafria (standing), Miss World Philippines national director and business manager of Pacquiao. (Facebook)

A picture of Senator Manny Pacquiao and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno having dinner together is worth a thousand words!

It could mean a lot of things. So what did they discuss during dinner?

Here are the possibilities:

1) Rumor has it that Pacquiao and Moreno are teaming up for the national elections in 2022. So there's a possibility of a Pac-More or More-Pac tandem.

2) Pacquiao and Moreno will appear in a movie together.

3) Moreno and Pacquiao are preparing for a product endorsement.

4) Pacquiao is an adopted son of Manila. Thus, being an adopted son entails responsibilities.

5) Moreno and Pacquiao discuss sports programs. Both personalities share common love for basketball.

6) Simple catch-up between friends.

7) Tik-Tok challenge, perhaps?

Uploaded by Arnold Vegafria on Facebook, netizens in the comments section think that the popular personalities tackled politics during dinner.

Vegafria, who is the national director for the Miss World Philippines Organization, is also the business manager of Pacquiao.

Vegafria praised Pacquiao and Moreno as shining examples of brand new leaders. His full post on Facebook:

"By some uncanny twist of fate, two of the country's respected and well-loved public servants accidentally crossed paths recently.

"Most of us know that both of them started from humble beginnings, and through sheer hard work, reinvented themselves to success and greatness in their respective fields.

"Both doers and men of action, they are also exemplary testaments to the fact that great leaders do not have to be rich, or amass Phd degrees or other fancy titles to validate their worth.

"Because of their hardships and struggles, they know what it really takes to truly sympathize with the plight of the poor and the masses.

"Senator Pacquiao and Mayor Isko are both shining examples of Filipino resiliency, and their sincerity, generosity and genuine concern for their constituents elevate them above their peers.

"These are the new brand of leaders who we need during these trying times," Vegafria said.