Actor Gong Yoo picks his most favorite Korean drama, movie role

Published November 26, 2020, 9:54 AM

by Jonathan Hicap

Gong Yoo (Instagram)

Korean actor Gong Yoo has chosen his most favorite role among Korean dramas and films that he has made to date.

Gong Yoo will be starring in the upcoming science fiction film “Seo Bok,” set for release on Dec. 2, together with Park Bogum, who is currently fulfilling his military service.

To promote the movie, Gong Yoo appeared on the YouTube channel MMTG hosted by JaeJae, who asked him to choose his favorite role.

The first choice was between his roles as Ki-joon in the 2010 romantic comedy film “Finding Mr. Destiny” and Choi Han-kyul in the 2007 hit drama “Coffee Prince.”

“Choi Han-kyul,” Gong Yoo chose. “Ki-joon has his own charms, but they aren’t enough to beat Choi Han-kyul,” according to SBS News.

Next was a choice between Kang In-ho in 2011’s “Silenced” and Seok-woo of 2016’s hit movie “Train to Busan.” Gong Yoo said, “This is hard” but picked Kang In-ho.

Between Dae-hyun in the 2019 film “Kim Ji-young: Born 1982” and Kim Shin in the 2016 to 2017 TV drama “Goblin,” Gong Yoo chose Kim-shin.

“This might seem easy,” he said and picked Kim Shin in “Goblin.” He added, “Ah, but Kim Shin is too strong [as a candidate].”

Gong Yoo was then asked to choose between Kang In-ho in “Silenced” and Choi Han-kyul in “Coffee Prince.” He picked Choi Han-kyul.

The final choice was between Kim Shin in “Goblin” and Choi Han-kyul in “Coffee Prince.”

“Oh no. I don’t think I can choose one this time. Can we just call it even?” Gong Yoo commented but chose Kim-shin.

“I feel like Kim Shin is a mature version of Choi Han-kyul. Kim Shin had a lot of pain in his heart. Kim Shin had the most difficult life compared to all other characters of mine. I think he moved my heart the most,” he explained.


Gong Yoo (Instagram)