Vibe check! Do you still practice self-care?

Published November 25, 2020, 2:33 PM

by Vianca Gamboa

Our best tips to common self-care issues

How come we’ve never been so steadfast with our routine in the years prior to when “care” was incorporated into every aspect of our daily lives? Maybe because we have progressed past the need for superficial, capitalist schemes that wronged the personal sense of self, and turned to the Internet
pep talks just to hear a call of action one more time.

It’s still a jungle out there, but at least we know who to listen to and what “treat yourself” scheme is a sham. Our definition is all about dealing with mental health and a deep-seated sense of wellbeing now—aroma candles and cheats days involved.

As we are still in quarantine confinement, the impact of self-care from the first few months is now blurring. Sometimes, we can’t pinpoint exactly which self-care habits are healthy and which are destructive habits in disguise. The best thing to do is to be wary of your weakest spots and inconveniences, so you can reframe your antidote into better shape.

Here are some of the heightened quarantine problems and self-care don’ts we’ve been hearing about and what to do with them.

When online classes aren’t working for you

Zoom-call anxiety? Back pain in your area? Household problems? Online class, contrary to its textbook benefits, can be exhausting because it blurs our boundaries between homelife and schoollife.

Mimicking your school day may not keep the pressure off, but it helps in drawing the line.

Structure your mornings so you have the full drive to go on for the whole day. Try to take a cold shower before facing your laptop. Wear your uniform or university outfit. Use your would-be commute hours to do some stretching. Talk to your family about your situation and plan out each and everyone’s schedule ahead. You’re not the only one with things to do.

Next is to clear your path and clean your room. There has got to be at least five newsletters from Pinterest that have been trying to show you harmonized study setup inspo—open them. Put on some fairy lights, flex that quirky bookcase, or splurge on that Herman Miller chair you’ve been eyeing for months.

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When you find it hard to sleep

There are really so many things would rather do than fall into a deep slumber before 3 a.m., huh?

Losing sleep is on top of the list of bad habits because it’s the culprit behind the usual problems you have been griping about non-stop since the quarantine started. We’re talking about acne flare-ups, headaches, mood swings, and stress that leads to insomnia.

Insomnia, if not chronic, can be blamed on a messed-up body clock. Start by sticking to your regular sleep schedule, and adjusting your days. Shun out factors that can get in the way of your bedtimes such as lighting, smartphone, noise, or coffee. Listen to music if you must.

Also, if you can’t combat late-night thoughts, you can perform simple meditation exercises before you hit the snooze button. 

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When you keep getting acne

The quarantine stress may trigger some of us to break away from usual routines and resort to unhealthy snacking, crash diets, and sleepless nights, which can further promote acne. Biological drivers such as stress hormones like cortisol, however, act faster. 

Keeping your proper skin care and treatments may help, but if you’re battling something out of your control like stress and anxiety, it’s best to act upon what should heal you on the inside. From meditation to stretching and exercising to even writing in a journal, these activities may also keep your cortisol in check.

Another culprit is your bed—and you’re probably wrapped up in your cozy blanket, head sinking like sand in your pillow as we speak. Bedsheets and pillowcases make perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and the buildup of dirt, grime, and oil. If you’re using a dirty pillowcase for days even though you wash your face three times a day, you’re just engaging yourself in a literal filth cycle. 

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When you’re snacking too much

Not to spitball, but go ahead and pop some snacks once in a while. Remember the Russian Sleep Experiment? We’re not jumbling references, but the idea of deprivation is there. Occasional snacking will help you control the habit little by little and prevents you from going on an eating
rampage at midnight, a detrimental time of day for that burger.

Also, on your next grocery run, opt for healthier snacks like fruits and trail mix, or dark chocolate you can grab to deal with hunger pangs instead of salty chips or dairy products. You can also try the volumetrics method and consume low-calorie food rich in fiber like grapefruit and broccoli before eating a snack or full meal. Healthy snacking can make a huge difference in combatting stress that results to even more stress.

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When you’re working out too much

Ah, quarantine! The tension must be going strong between Chloe Ting, who is making millions on Youtube, and you, who is working their way to the bod of their dreams—but, slow down.

There’s a reason why you need breaks. Doing intense exercises every day in hopes of losing weight can damage the heart and arteries it has so protected due to extreme demands and burnout.

Rest day imposes a psychological drawback that you may lose progress if you miss a session, but according to one study done by Harvard, going way beyond the recommended hours of work out does not increase health benefits and can even undo your gains.

If you really want to lose weight, pair the right amount of workout with the right amount of diet. Try intermittent fasting, which may help you remodel your eating habits in the long run. Only stick to workout routines and diet that suit your weight goal and fitness goals.

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