Workers are now starting to fill buildings, office spaces, and cubicles. Though Covid-19 is still very much around, the wheels of the economy are now turning, albeit slowly and safely, with each company ensuring that its workers and visitors are strictly observing health protocols.

The prolonged pandemic, which will forever change the landscape of office work, has encouraged companies to become proactive. Spaces filled with desks and seats are now “distanced” from one another to promote physical distancing, common spaces are regularly sanitized, while a room where there is no fresh air is filled with indoor plants.

Offices, however, should also look into how air circulates inside it, especially in spaces that are air-conditioned. Extensive studies on Covid-19 reveal that viruses can spread through tiny exhaled particles or aerosols, which can linger in indoor air. Different air-conditioning systems may distribute the air in various ways, but a lot of the air is recirculated. And when air is recirculated, a virus can hang around as the area is not replaced with fresh air. This presents a dire scenario, giving the virus a “fertile ground” to infect more people.

As workers start to adapt to the new normal way of work, offices should also begin to adapt and look into its infrastructure, starting with one of the most important–how to “clean” the air that everyone breathes. This is what developer Rockwell Land has done to its workspaces all over Metro Manila when it recently partnered with Samsung, with the launch of Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette with Air Purifying Panel.  

The Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Casette with Air Purifying Panel

“As we continue to envision how the next few years would be, it is important to consider the importance of indoor air quality not only at home but also in populated public spaces such as offices and commercial establishments,” said James Jung, President of Samsung Philippines. “With this new technology, tenants, employees, and building owners alike are assured of safer and better air quality in their offices so they can focus better and stop worrying about their health while at work.”

The new air-conditioning system is the first in the Philippines to use WindFree technology in the workplace. Equipped with an Air Purifying Panel, the Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette System is designed to cleanse the air, getting rid of impurities including bacteria and viruses.

The WindFree™ 4Way Cassette is responsible for “comfortable cooling,” the Air Purifying Panel, which is an extra layer attached on top of the 4Way cassette, is responsible for the hygienic benefits. It has two filters to ensure maximum air purification process: pre-filter and PM1.0 filter. The pre-filter captures large dust particles while the PM1.0 removes not only 91% of ultra-fine dust but also sterilizes the air, eliminating 99% of bacteria and viruses such as Escherichia coli (E. coli) or Staphylococcus aureus. At the same time, the Ionizer Kit helps to further reduce 99% of certain viruses, bacteria, and allergens by neutralizing and destroying them. Making the workplace safe and virus-free would surely ease the worries of workers who are anxious about the virus.  

Closer look at the Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Casette with Air Purifying Panel

Like the unit used at the offices of Rockwell Land, the Samsung WindFree™ 4Way Cassette with Air Purifying Panel is not only functional, but “unobtrusive” as well. Its “comfortable cooling” is made with the unit pushing air out through 15,700 microholes in the panel, producing a dispersed and gentle flow of air that infiltrates the room quietly and softly. This makes work more productive: aside from the absence of noise emanating from the unit, office workers wouldn’t be bothered or inconvenienced with the wind draft hitting them.

“At Samsung, we make it our mission to make an impact on the way we work, live, and play. We will continue to introduce innovations that help businesses make headway in creating and developing a safer workplace especially in the new normal,” explained Mr. Jung.

Easy to maintain and with intuitive indoor air quality monitoring, the new air-conditioner is also “smart” with its automatic wind-free operation via temperature and humidity sensor.

Samsung Digital Appliances recently introduced a whole line of appliances that offers hygiene solutions including Air Purifier, AirDresser, and Jet Cyclone Stick Vacuum Cleaner with the intention of creating a healthier and more comfortable environment in Filipino homes.

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