Four K-dramas about marriage that will warm your hearts

Published November 17, 2020, 4:57 PM

by Paola Navarette

These series are guaranteed to become your next obsession

Had your fair share of light and entertaining shows with your family? How about taking it up a notch and making your Korean drama binge-watching sessions all the more meaningful? Below, we list down some of the most heartwarming K-dramas about marriage that won’t just help you pass the time, but are equipped with life lessons.

Go Back Couple

Courtesy of Go Back Couple

No doubt, Go Back Couple will send you to a whirlwind of emotions. It follows a story of a young couple Choi Ban-do, a husband struggling to provide for his family, and Ma Jin-joo, a housewife, who have decided to call it quits in their marriage, but are magically transported to the year when they first met.

Having the memory of the unfortunate events that would sever their marriage, they opt not to take the road to their supposed relationship, only to rediscover pieces of memories that prods on how love did not happen instantaneously for them.

Because This Is My First Life

Courtesy of Because This Is My First Life

This is a slow burner but we promise it’s worth the commitment. Lee Min Ki plays an awkward computer nerd who has sunk all of his money into a beautiful apartment, and Jung So Min is a struggling screenwriter who needed a place to stay. Naturally, they come together and find a solution to both of their problems—marriage. Over the course of this slice-of-life drama, the two begin to fall in love for real while navigating friendships, careers, and family expectations. 

Fated To Love You

Courtesy of You Are My Destiny

Alternatively titled You Are My Destiny, it tells the story of an office worker who spends one night with a wealthy business heir. Unexpectedly, she finds herself pregnant and is forced to live with the businessman under one roof. Will the two be able to make it work? You’ll find out. 

The King 2 Hearts

Courtesy of The King 2 Hearts

Set in the constitutional monarchy in an imaginary South Korea, South Korea’s Prince Lee Jae Ha is forced to join a competition by his brother. There, he met North Korea’s strongest female instructor Kim Hang Ah. Caught in the negotiations between South Korea and North Korea, he’s forced to give up his carefree life and marry the policewoman, in hopes of keeping the peace between the two countries. This show is a brilliant interpretation of love and comedy.