GOSSIP GIRL: Meet Erika Rae

Published November 10, 2020, 12:13 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Last Sunday, a beautiful nightingale was introduced in TV5’s SNL (Sunday Noon Live) hosted by actor Piolo Pascual, Miss Universe Catriona Gray, Dance Princess Maja Salvador, and teen heartthrobs Donnie Pangilinan and Jake Ejercito.

This new singing sensation sang “Mad” by Neyo together with RNB Prince Jay R and Idol Philippines’ Miguel Odron. Her name is Erika Rae. Millennials follow her with over 600,000 followers. On her 18th birthday video last year, her debut video on the beach went trending.

Ina Raymundo (right) and daughter Erika Mae. Images by Marc Nicdao

The generation Z would know her more as the eldest daughter of Sabado Nights Girl Ina Raymundo. I was able to interview her mom who is trying her best not to be a stage mother. “As much as possible, I want Erika Rae to become known because of her talent. We have separate managers. She is currently talking to Cornerstone Management and I welcome the idea of her signing up with Cornerstone as a singer because I know they will take care of her career just like the careers of numerous singers under Cornerstone like Eric Santos, Yeng Constantino, KZ Tandingan, Jaya and Richard Poon.”

I was able to speak to the vocal coach of Erika, 2020 Aliw Award nominee Jade Riccio who is a soprano and a magna cum laude at the University of the Philippines majoring in Music.

“Erika is really serious and passionate about her singing. But she also wants to enter a good college in Music as she recently graduated high school. So now she faces the crossroads of going full blast in show business or going full time in college or mixing both. I told her to pray for wisdom and discernment and ask her parents Ina and Brian Poturnak as parents always know best. Whatever her decision is, she will continue under my tutelage because singing is a continuous process.”