What did Chesca Garcia get from Doug Kramer for their 12th wedding anniversary?

Doug Kramer and Chesca Garcia are living the life with their family of five. They just recently moved into their new home and have been sharing the awesome views of lush greenery and amazing sunsets. 

To celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary, Doug Kramer wanted to surprise Chesca with a ring hidden inside her bowl of rice. He shared in his Instagram TV, “We’ve been together since 2003, so that’s 17 years together and 12 years married.” He also wanted to give his wife a nice gift since he wasn’t able to get her one last July for her birthday. “But I was able to get her something special for our anniversary, and there’s a significance to it and I’m planning to put it in her rice,” he adds. Of course, he pointed out that he sanitized the ring first and showed how he placed it inside Chesca’s bowl of rice. 

While having lunch, Doug, who was still using his camera to record, greeted Chesca a happy anniversary. While Chesca was trying to scoop out rice from her bowl, she really was surprised to find a ring. The mom-of-three was flabbergasted, “Sabi ko, ‘bakit may stapler dito?’ Why did you put it on the rice? And now it’s sticky.”

But Doug just continued and asked Chesca to try to analyze the ring. Chesca immediately answered that the three diamonds represent their three children, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, while the 12 emerald-cut diamonds, six on each side, are for every year that they have been married, with an engraved date inside as well. Chesca thanked Doug and told him, “I love it, always and forever!”

Doug has been giving Chesca rings. Aside from their wedding and engagement rings, Chesca has one each from their 10th, 11th, and, now, 12th year anniversaries. In his earlier post, he shared a photo of the two of them, “I’ve been with you close to half my life, but I still feel like there’s so much more to uncover! Our adventure continues, Honey! I love you more than ever, baby girl!”