The need to switch to 4G LTE SIM

Philippine Telcos, now, with the support of the government, are continuously improving their networks and services. One of the main reasons we have slow internet is the lack of infrastructure where users could connect. This then results in congestion that could cause the internet connection to slow down.  The upgrades happening now are very timely amid the pandemic. There is a need for an efficient online learning experience for students and convenient work-from-home arrangements for employees.

For users to experience these upgrades' full benefits, Philippine Telcos are encouraging everyone to switch to the latest 4G LTE/5G-ready SIM cards.

Why switch at all?

Speed matters.  Using 4G LTE means you can download files from the Internet faster than your present 3G connectivity.  Imagine this - using video conferencing platforms from your mobile would give you a PC-like experience in terms of clarity and speed when you join your online classes or attend your regular work meetings.

The reason for this improvement in quality and speed is that 4G transmits data at a lower latency, making it faster and more stable than 3G.  This allows for minimal delays in video streaming and real-time updates.

There is no doubt that Ph Telcos would continue to upgrade their networks to answer the exponential growth in data use; this means that there is now a need to future-proof your connectivity. If you still have a 3G SIM card, you won't be getting the speed and stability that a 4G LTE connection can offer. The network upgrade would reach your area very soon. 

In my previous article, I have pointed out the importance of upgrading your SIM cards to get a better internet connection. Here’s the link to the story:

You can check if your current Globe SIM card is 3G or LTE, text SIM CHECK to 8080. If it turns out you're still using 3G, it's recommended to upgrade your SIM card to 4G LTE to maximize your connection. If your SIM card is 4G  LTE already, then you're good.

Globe has provided these steps on how to upgrade:

1. Secure an online appointment before dropping by at the Globe Store to replace your SIM since some Stores require prior booking. To get a slot, go to or use your GlobeOne app. From there, you can choose the Store location, date, and time that you want to visit.  

2. Globe says, if you cannot locate the store nearest to you on their website or app, you can simply go to that store and walk-in.

3. Globe also advises that there are stores with express booths that prioritize those looking to upgrade their SIM.

However, if you're a Postpaid 3G user, you can request for a SIM change in the GlobeOne app, and the new SIM card will be delivered to you.

A warning, though, be wary of unscrupulous persons who may trick you into changing your SIM.  Never give your SIM to anyone or transact with anyone except at the Globe Store.  Avoid being a victim of SIM swap scams. Go to to learn how to protect yourself from scams.