WATCH: Your girl Mimiyuuuh is getting her own Netflix digital series

Published October 28, 2020, 3:35 PM

by Kerry Tinga

Our favorite challenge queen is getting that mainstream (virtual) airtime and we are absolutely here for it

Photo courtesy of Netflix

During these difficult times, we love to be well-informed. But remember that self-care means taking breaks from the news and social media when you are getting overwhelmed. What should you do during those breaks? Thankfully, Mimiyuuuh has teamed up with Netflix Philippines to star in her own social media series: Eh Di Ikaw Na!

Both Netflix and Mimi content has provided us with a much-needed respite recently. A true original in the social media landscape, Mimi first gained attention on YouTube after her Dalagang Pilipina challenge went viral. It only makes sense that her Netflix digital series goes back to those roots with fun challenges.

In the first episode, already available online, Mimi takes on the ‘Wag Kang Bitter challenge. She tries her best not to react to the most kilig scenes from Netflix. If she does, she has to eat a spoonful of coffee.

Talk about an impossible challenge. Just thinking about some of the kilig scenes from K-dramas, classic shows, and original series streaming on Netflix has got us feeling all the feels. And watching Mimi react with all her chaotic good energy is exactly what we need this 2020.

Watch the first episode of Eh Di Ikaw Na! here:

Challenges Mimi will take on in upcoming episodes of Eh Di Ikaw Na! include the Drink the Water challenge, where she quenches her thirst with some of Netflix’s heartthrobs, and the Pambahay Awra challenge, where she recreates iconic looks from shows.

Move over Emily in Paris, we are going to be getting Mimiyuuh in pambahay. A teaser photo Netflix shared suggests that we get to see (Lady) Mimi taking on what we can only guess is fashion from The Crown.

Preview of Eh Di Ikaw Na! / Photo courtesy of Netflix

Eh Di Ikaw Na! is available to watch on Netflix Philippines’ Facebook and YouTube account, with new episodes every Wednesday at 12 n.n.