Love beauty? Here’s how you can earn from it

Your makeup addiction might just land you a hundred thousand peso-worth reward!

Raise your hand if you already have a ton of lipsticks but still feel you need that new pink lippie being advertised on social media. But what if your love for beauty can also be an income generator instead of just a money drain?

To start, do your research and take stock of your skill set. And then find what it is that you enjoy and turn it into a business. “That way it won’t feel like work and the next thing you know, you will be making money without even noticing it,” stylist and entrepreneur John Lozano tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.

Making your own cosmetics might bring you joy so take advantage of that. Some beauty products like lip balms, face oils, and bath products are easy to make that you can start a line from home. If you do, carefully test and document your process so your formula remains consistent as you grow. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to curate and resell, you might want to consider your budget and compatibility of brands first. Think also about drop shipping so you don’t need to manage your own inventory or shipping. (This is a great solution for online cosmetics businesses.) 

Thanks to online platforms, it is now possible for anyone to transform a passion and hobby into a lucrative career. Take it from Lozano has just recently opened NiXY, a direct selling company, along with brand distributor IFace. “A lot of people lost jobs, even within our own company, so we thought that direct selling is one way to help them,” Lozano says. 

In NiXY, a beauty reseller can make a living with just a very low investment. The beauty industry is also booming right now, as it is deemed as an essential more than a luxury so having a business that involves beauty or self-care is a sure win, Lozano says.

So if you think you’ve got a knack for convincing people to give your fave beauty products a try, then you may want to pursue this one. The company gives you the opportunity to earn either by catering wholesale to business partners or dealing retail with customers. 

“What sets NiXY apart from the others is simply the brands that belong to it,” Lozano says. “IFace’s vision and goal has been to bring world-class brands to the Philippines, and through the company, everyone can now take part in these global brands by being resellers.” Lozano adds that the company stands as one of the best business ventures to take at this time, with its promise of quick returns.

Whereas a franchise investment with other companies may take a year or more for a return of investment, he says a NiXY partner can break even in just a month. “What we sell isn’t really the beauty products per se, but the opportunity to have your own business. I think that’s the best commodity everyone needs right now,” Lozano adds.