June Mar’s personalized PC is every gamer’s dream

Published October 26, 2020, 4:50 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Screenshot from JPModified YouTube channel

Aside from being a PBA star, June Mar Fajardo is slowly making a name in the field of online gaming.

Not only he spends time off from the PBA by practicing his shooting form but the Cebuano also hones his gaming prowess. And every fan of Fajardo knows that the 6-foot-10 gentle giant loves playing DOTA 2.

Screenshot from AHOS gaming via YouTube

Fajardo, who is currently recuperating from his shin injury he suffered last February, showed off his high-end gaming hub in a vlog last week.

The joint project wouldn’t be successful without the talented artisan in Jesse Palacio of JPModified and Fajardo’s list of sponsors namely JOYO Marketing, JOYO Gaming, COUGAR, Intel, GAMDIAS, MSI, OCPC and Cold Iron PC.

Palacio, who has been creating pc modding content on YouTube since December 2015, made a behind-the-scenes montage Sunday on how they came up with Fajardo’s customized PC build.

The Filipino PC modder recalled that JOYO Marketing took notice of Fajardo’s love for gaming, prompting them to sponsor the six-time PBA MVP his own gaming computer.

“So for a few months now, he’s been using his time off court to stream DOTA 2. Now DOTA 2 is one of his favorite games and he’s actually really quite good at it,” said Palacio.

“So he uses this medium in order to properly communicate with his fans. DOTA 2 is an extremely popular game here in the Philippines, so he practically widened his fanbase.”

Palacio didn’t look too far where to draw inspiration for Fajardo’s build, incorporating the red-black-white color scheme of San Miguel’s uniform.  He also added “beer-hints” by applying it to the build’s liquid cooling system.

While the interior beams with red and yellow lights, the exterior displays almost everything associated with Fajardo — from the PBA and SMB logos to his jersey number, his moniker ‘Kraken,’ and his gaming channel AHOS gaming.

The specs? The high-end build is made up of COUGAR Blazer (case), INTEL i9-10900K (processor), MSI MEG Z490 UNIFY (motherboard), MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR (graphics processing unit), OCPC XTREME RGB/AURA DRAGON 32GB (memory), OCPC 240GB Sata III and 1TB Sata lll (solid state drive) and COUGAR GEX750 (power supply unit).

“It was really an honor for us to build for JM, one of the pride of the Philippines,” Palacio added.

On Monday, Fajardo hit the gym for the first time since hurting his right shin. After working out and lifting weights, Fajardo definitely has all the time to kill with his newly-built gaming station when he gets home.