JC's founders Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang hailed as the Most Outstanding Global Entrepreneurs

The Guillermo Mendoza and the 51st Box Office Entertainment Awards recognizes the leadership of Jonathan So, President and CEO and Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President and CFO of JC as this year’s Most Outstanding Global Entrepreneurs. Being the leaders of one of the leading conglomerate in the country, these two have contributed so much in the business industry especially during this pandemic. They have explored more on providing extra income to those who lost their jobs using whatever resources available, thus, the introduction of the now recognized Coppermask and Ninja Ion. JC’s well-loved products such as Calvit – C, K-Pads, Barley and Good Leaf Ashitaba have very high demand in the market that push the company to produce more.

JC's founders Mr. Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President/CFO and Mr. Jonathan So, President/CEO hailed as the Most Outstanding Global Entrepreneurs at the 51st Box Office Entertainment Awards

Creating and acquiring several businesses during the time when everyone else are either shutting down or trying to stay afloat, they also managed to avoid cutting off manpower but instead hired hundreds of employees over the course of seven months. They also made sure that their current employees are being well taken care of and provided through their employee relationship programs.

Still striving and honing their skills more, these two millennial executives are earning their respects not just in their own companies but in the entire business industry, maintaining good relationships with their employees, suppliers, brand ambassadors, distributors, and customers. They measure their success not by the profit their companies are amassing but how many people they have served.

Building businesses in the industry of food, health and wellness and technology, they are still keeping their eyes open to other opportunities to provide better options for our community.

The Original Copper Mask has antimicrobial film with infused copper strand and is effective to kill 99.9% of different bacteria and viruses. Get your self protected!
Ninja Ion is a personal air purifier with an ability to release 200 million anions that will help you fight and prevent yourself from viruses. Breathe safe, clean air.
GOOD LEAF ASHITABA INSTANT COFFEE has chalcone which contains a lot of nutrients beneficial to the human body.
BARLEY helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and is also a key to fighting off diseases.
CALVIT-C is a certified vitamin supplement that contains nutrients you need to live a good life.