Heart Evangelista teases fans with upcoming single

"Finally found the courage to share this with all of you." These are the words of Heart Evangelista as she excitedly shared with fans a snippet of "Breathe You," a track she recorded 15 years ago.

Heart Evangelista (Instagram)

"...came across it again while I was going through my files during the lock down. So happy to announce that my single will be coming out real soon," she wrote on Instagram.

She noted how it’s been a blast working on it.

"Hope you enjoy this little teaser," she then added, using the hashtag, #foundmytreasure."

In a press statement sent to Bulletin Entertainment, Heart shared she recorded the song in 2005 in an effort to describe the moment she first embraced "freedom."

“I remember at 21, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I just knew that I was extremely happy and free and I’m seeing the world slowly. I remember recording that song because I really had good people around me during the time. I just listen to the song and I remember myself as a 21-year-old girl who is very naïve about the world, who thought everything was a fairy tale. It’s really refreshing to remember how I was back then.”