ENHYPEN reveal their first trailer ‘Choose-Chosen’ for November debut

ENHYPEN, touted as the most awaited rookie K-pop boy band, have unveiled their first trailer for their debut slated in November.

The video, titled “Choose-Chosen” and uploaded on YouTube on Oct. 21, showed members practicing with member Jake’s narration in the background. The trailer has garnered 1.79 million views in nine hours.

“We were desperate in our desire to transform. We believed that there lay dreams unknown. Because every path is stained with tears. We keep our fists fiercely clenched, not knowing it to be a blessing or a curse, lest we lose what we hold in our hands,” according to the narration.

It added, “Blood-red moonlight blazes. Unquenchable thirst flares with fury. The others look up to us in veneration, and we look upon them with envy. Why do we desire what we cannot acquire? Why must we walk along an endless line? At dawn, the sun rises to menace and bless our fleshy selves.”

After the trailer was released, the hashtags #ENHYPEN_DebutTrailer1 and #Choose_Chosen along with the topics “ENHYPEN IS COMING” and “Debut Trailer 1” trended on Twitter.

ENHYPEN, composed of Sunoo, Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon and Ni-ki, are preparing to make their debut next month under Belift Lab, a joint venture between Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM. Belift Lab earlier confirmed to Korean media that ENHYPEN will debut in November.

They were chosen through the Korean survival audition show “I-Land” which aired its final episode last September.

Even before their debut, ENHYPEN have already formed their official global fan club ENGENE with the name chosen from 67,000 entries sent by fans.

Their social media accounts have amassed millions in followers including 3 million on the WeVerse app, the second highest after BTS’ 7.54 million as of writing. They also have 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 2.1 million on TikTok, 1.1 million on Twitter and 1 million subscribers on YouTube.


ENHYPEN in their first trailer (Belift Lab)

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