No sibling rivalry as Legaspi twins Cassy and Mavy take on solo projects

Published October 18, 2020, 10:28 AM

by Angie Chui

There’s no sibling rivalry between Legaspi twins Cassy and Mavy as the two teens begin to take on solo projects in show business.

The twins, in an interview, showcased their strong support for one another and shared their views on their upcoming individual projects.

Cassy and Mavy, who have been tapped as new endorsers for Penshoppe said that while their sibling bond is a given, they are also separate people with different tastes from fashion to their career paths.

Mavy said that his style was inspired by different influences but he was inclined towards the fashion of Kpop superstars BTS in the past few months. He said he loved how the idols dressed up for their
performances as well as their minimalist yet colourful style.

Cassy said that she is more of a free spirit when it comes to fashion.
“My fashion is very open. I don’t really have a specific style or anything,” she said.


She admitted though, that she was quite frugal when it comes to her earnings. At one point, she said her mom Carmina had to “force” her to buy new shoes because the sandals she was using was already at a
breaking point.

She said she borrows stuff from her mom all the time so she never felt compelled to splurge on designer item. On the occasions that she had to buy things, she said that one style tip she got from Carmina was to spend on classic styles that never go out of style.

Cassy is set to embark on her first acting project with the drama “First Yaya” which will begin shooting next month.

She said that she was nervous about her first acting stint but she was happy to be sharing the screen with Mayor Isko Moreno’s son Joaquin, who was also a newbie in the business.

Cassy said that it eases the pressure to work with Joaquin because they already know each other from working together on variety shows before.
“My prep for First Yaya is continuing to workout and eating healthier as much as possible. I also started drinking vitamins to boost my immune system so that I’m stronger once taping starts. I’m watching Filipino movies/shows as well as reading my old script. I’m super excited and nervous at the same time since it’s my first drama show and of course because of the adjustments I have to make due to COVID, “
she said.


Asked if he is pressured about his sister being cast in an acting project, Mavy shrugged off implications of a sibling rivalry and said that rather than feel pressured to compete, they have always pushed each
other to do even better.

“What we have a healthy competition. Kunwari like we’re doing a prod na sayaw, we won’t let each other win. Sige banat si Cassy, banat din ako. It is not to take each other down but to push each other to do better. For her acting project, its not like ano bay an nauna si Cassy, wala nang confidence. Syempre prep din. Ang daming script dito sa house because of our parents so the preparation doesn’t stop,” he said.

Mavy said that for his future plans, he wants to try out hosting as well.