Turning Tykes to Tycoons: Nation-building for Everyone Anywhere

Published October 17, 2020, 3:00 PM

by Edgard Hilario

Contrary to popular belief, re-shaping a nation for the better lies not in the monied hands of the fortunate few. Real and impactful change comes from the efforts of those willing to help mold the future leaders of the country–no matter how far-flung they may be.

But rolling out such an initiative is no easy feat. Thankfully, J&T Express’ quest to support advocacies for the betterment of remote regions began to spread and soon a like-minded group came along with the perfect proposition.

“It was like fate when we were approached by Child’s Pose Yoga Project Philippines,” said Zoe Chi, Vice-President of J&T Express Philippines. “We immediately agreed to partner with them because we too believe in empowering those who may otherwise be held back by resources or location.” 

J&T Express is one in its industry that serves all reaches of the country– with the fastest delivery time and updated tracking system, to boot. Established in 2015, it now has a presence in eight countries, and is the Philippines’ leading e-commerce delivery service provider as it continues to expand across Southeast Asia. 

Child’s Pose Yoga Project Philippines, Inc is a youth-led organization that aims to create positive social transformation through yoga, sports, education, and life skills. 

“We decided on the Mangyan community, because it’s easy for kids in such situations to feel lost and ignored,” explained Chi, referring to the region where their beneficiary is located. “That’s why we introduced them to various outlets and donated materials that will nourish and inspire them holistically so they can pursue their big goals and eventually become the tycoons, thought leaders, and champions our country needs.”

“Initially, though, we were worried that we couldn’t push through with our efforts because of logistics,” shares Child’s Pose Yoga Philippines, Inc., founder Gillian Trinidad. “But as luck would have it, it was the teachers from the recipient schools themselves who suggested we use J&T Express.”

“It’s our core mission to serve anyone, anytime, and anywhere with excellence and heart,” continued Chi. “If we don’t do our part to bridge people and places, who will?”

“Especially in the time of COVID, it’s essential that we help enable those who may very well be the future movers and shakers of our nation,” stated Chi. “It’s all about bayanihan, and it’s our pleasure to be a part of this project.” 

Reinforced by statements also echoed by the teachers from the recipient schools, J&T Express has been known to effectively, safely, and reliably deliver packages with extra precautions considering the current pandemic climate.

To date, Mangyan School has 287 enrollees. But thanks to the ease that J&T Express provides, more than enough school materials and modules for educators were able to reach even Mindanao–with these provisions helping to support the remote schooling of an additional six schools in the region. Also Included in these packages are bond paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, alcohol, face shields, and face masks. 

Other schools in hard-to-reach areas that benefited from the joint effort of J&T Express and Child’s Pose Yoga Philippines, Inc., include the Matlong Elementary School and the Talipanan Mangyan School. Previously, these schools were virtually cut-off from essential aid for their students.
With this new partnership, every child dreaming of making their mark in the nation can soon make it a reality.