Giannis welcomes Kostas with brotherly love at airport after winning NBA title

Published October 17, 2020, 7:18 PM

by Carlo Anolin

Photo from Giannis  Antetokounmpo’s Instagram account

Giannis showed a proud brother moment after welcoming Kostas, the first of the four Antetokounmpo brothers to win an NBA title, at a Greek airport in a social media post Friday.

In a four-minute video posted by Giannis on Instagram TV, Kostas was greeted with loud horns and screams from the Antetokounmpo family in Athens.

“This is how you f***** greet a champion right here! Champion’s back home!” shouted Giannis on the first parts of the clip, while holding a printed prop of Kostas’ face.

After the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals 106-93, the 22-year-old Kostas became the youngest of the three brothers in the NBA to bring home a championship.

Season MVP Giannis, 25, and Thanasis, 28, both play for the Milwaukee Bucks, which were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the second round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Alexis is currently with the Spanish club UCAM Murcia in Liga ACB.

Though Kostas didn’t get much playing time during the season, averaging only 1.4 points, 0.6 rebounds and 0.4 assists in five games, being a champion with one of the NBA’s best franchises is a feat worth celebrating.

“This is amazing, there’s no words, man,” added Giannis. “I know this guy, we we’re sleeping on [the] same bed. Both of us. Now we come from same family, same household. Champions!”

“First Greek to be ever a champion, first Greek to be ever MVP. And we just keep getting better. We’re not stopping,” the older Antetokounmpo added.

After the NBA Finals, the Antetokounmpos also showered Kostas with congratulatory messages on social media.

It looks like JaVale McGee’s attempt to poke fun at the MVP during the dugout celebration meant nothing at all as Giannis had nothing but love and appreciation for his younger brother.