Needs of rural women need to be highlighted, says CHR

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has called on the government to pay attention to the needs of rural women—ranging from proper healthcare, just wages, and access to information—in light of the International Day of Rural Women, held on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Commission on Human Rights (MANILA BULLETIN)
Commission on Human Rights (MANILA BULLETIN)

The CHR said on Twitter that it recognizes the great contribution and vigorous participation of rural women in the country’s economy and agricultural activities. The foundation of Philippine agriculture rests in the hands of these hardworking rural women, since they protect farmlands and the members of the peasant families.

Now that the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has brought the world on its knees, the CHR said that rural women face even more challenges. Because they live in far-flung areas, their access to medical services, medicine, and vaccines is limited.

Worse, their access to information is likewise compromised because of lack of reliable news sources. They are also not equipped with the proper technologies to know the latest reports.

As the community quarantine continues and people are confined within their own homes, these rural women are subjected to more work without extra pay.

This is why the CHR is calling for government and societal participation in addressing the needs of rural women.

“Mahalaga na maitampok sa araw na ito ang mga buliranin ng mga kababaihan sa kanayunan nang matugunan ng pamahalaan at ng buong lipunan ang kanilang mga pangangailangan, (It is important to highlight the problems of rural women today so that the government and society can work as a unit to meet their needs),” the CHR said.