PNP, NBI explores possibility of a unified clearance system

As time and money are spent in complying with numerous requirements especially in job application, two law enforcement agencies are now conducting a dialogue for a unified clearance system for the public.

Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan

Gen. Camilo Pancratius Cascolan, chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), revealed that there have been talks between the police and the National Bureau of Investigation in coming up with a single valid clearance that could be used for job application and for other purposes.

Once agreed upon, job applicants and other people will no longer have to line up and shell out money separately for the NBI and the Police Clearance.

“There are a lot of talks already with the NBI. We hope to do that,” said Cascolan during Wednesday’s launching of the National Police Clearance System at the SM Mall of Asia.

Both the police and the NBI clearances certify that a person has no warrant of arrest or pending cases. The two documents are usually being required for job applicants and are also a requirement to obtain another document.

The Police Clearance costs P150 while the NBI Clearance was recently increased to P130. But since the two police clearances have to be personally secured, applicants have to spend additional money for transportation.

The two clearances are seen as redundancy, especially that both the NBI and the PNP are automatic recipients of the arrest warrants being issued by courts.

In some cases, a person would only know that they are facing charges while securing either NBI or police clearance.

“This is part of crime solving, that's the reason why we have to standardize our police clearance. We have to cooperate with NBI and other law enforcement agencies. That would be for the betterment of our peace and order,” said Cascolan.

On the part of the PNP, Cascolan said all the arrest warrants have been automatically inputted at the computer system of the PNP following its modernization in the past years.

“We have been studying if we really have to combine,” said Cascolan.