Why you need to go cashless when you travel

As a traveler, you want to make sure you’re doing your part in curbing the spread of the virus. Going out of your home is already a big deal, the last thing the world needs is your irresponsibility.

If you must, go cashless. This kind of transaction goes way back, and it has proven to be a blessing for both security purposes and convenience. It lessens the risk of contraction among fomites—or objects that carry infection—like little touchpoints and surfaces that involve a lot of bills and clicking. It also avoids crowds and long lines in poorly ventilated spaces, which harbor more viruses from droplets or aerosols.

The World Travel and Council even emphasized the importance of contactless transactions in seeing the world safely.

“As the hospitality industry and establishments work to ensure they deliver a safe experience for their staff and their guests through enhanced cleanliness and hygiene practices, hotels should ensure they have limited social interaction and possible queuing at the reception desk,” the organization says in one of its protocols.

Going cashless also makes it convenient to do anything while on the road. You can book accommodations using your phone with just a few links, or plot itineraries and vacations within seconds.

With the heightened protocols and social distancing measures, the financial industry has not only streamlined services pre- and post-trip, but also makes it easier to apply for credit cards that offer additional perks specific for traveling. Metrobank, for instance, now comes with a budget tracker, and a lot of rebates and reward points to help offset the expenses.

The company also makes use of a virtual concierge in Facebook Messenger called @MiaofMetrobankCard who guides users through the process and all the myriad tasks involved in getting and maintaining a credit card. You can even ask about deliveries, airline tickets, tours, restaurants, rewards redemption, balance inquiries, and transactions online.

If Facebook Messenger is not an option, a more straightforward way of applying for a credit card is using the website.